No Photography at the Ceremony
Is there a polite and effective way to ask our guests not to take photos during our outdoor ceremony. We'll have a professional photographer there, and I would like to be able to just focus on the ceremony without have a ton of cameras and cellphones distracting everyone. Also, can I say no to my future father-in-law's idea of bringing his laptop and 'skyping' our wedding live to relatives that aren't coming? Maybe I'm too picky, but it just seems a bit inappropriate during a religious ceremony.

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Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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WHOA! Skype at your wedding? I'd have to say no. If they want to witness your wedding then they need to come! ;) IMO.

I think it's understood that you don't take pics during the ceremony, but I'm sure you could put a pretty little sign next to the guest book that reinterates that. I'm sure you can get a pretty one on

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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You can have the officiant or another official make an announcement prior to the start of the ceremony, or have something put into your programs indicating that no photography is allowed during the ceremony. And you can absolutely tell your fiance's father that bringing his laptop to Skype the ceremony is not okay.

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Thanks! Sometimes I feel like I'm saying no to every suggestion we get, so it's good to know that I'm not just being too uptight here.

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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Girl, this is YOUR day!! You have the right to say yes and no to whomever and whatever you feel necessary......


Lexoria Wedding Films
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As a wedding film company we have seen this on many occasions, and actually it is more common than you may think (probably about 85%). The best way to do it is have your officient make an announcement. They have more than likely done that before and they DON'T have to day "the bride and groom request." They will just simply say "we ask that...." that way the pressure comes off of you and it comes across as if that is something that is normal at every wedding. Hope that was helpful and Congratulations!

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Well...who is he wanting to skype? I ask because if it's FH's favorite uncle whos overseas in Iraq-I say go for it. After all, he's fighting for your freedom to marry his nephew. Or if it's his super sick grandma...again-I see it being acceptable. But if FFIL is anyone who can't make it because they don't want to put in the effort to

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This has been a huge issue lately w/facebook. My FH said the same thing. I'm not sure you can really stop anyone from doing it. I mean you can ask politely, but are you going to take their phone? Camera?

Sarah & Sean W.

FlickFoto Photography
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Instead of Skyping live, maybe have someone videotape it and upload to a private youtube channel. Far less distracting for sure.

Most commonly we see a line in the programs with that request, but a request by the officiant is far more helpful to the photographers and videographers working there and the guests take notice.

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ya def not skyping, I think it would be hard for a webcam to get everything anyway..As for the cameras; I think it's pretty typical for guests to take pictures during the ceremony since they likely won't have access to the pro pics, and aren't all on FB.. (unless you are just asking your parents not to take pics then nevermind)..I think it would be less off putting for guests just asking them not to use flashes..but then again someone invariably leaves it on by "mistake" lol. Bottom line though, it is your ceremony and you should be able to have it go as you like.
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Your officiant and your photographer will love you. You can put it in the program, you an ask your ushers or best men to tell people as they come in, and you can ask your officiant to announce it too.

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I just put it on my website for the guest not to take photos during the ceremony.

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though I could understand the need to ahve a skype for family members that it may be important to.. to be there I'm not sure a laptop is the right way there are many companies like this that provide the service for far as no pic... nicely put it on your programs

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You def want to go with having the officiant tell people, than it sounds like it is a rule of the venue, or a religious thing.

When the FH does a wedding, he suggests this to his brides. He says too many flashes can ruin a great pic. He also says the same thing about the posed family pics. There is a clause in his contract about it.

Re Skyping...unless my loved one were serving their country, there is no way we would be Skyping.

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I wish I had thought of this, because when I was coming down the aisle, all the cameras were flashing in my was a little overwhelming

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I'm thinking about having skype at my wedding ceremony, only because My only surviving grandfather just had a stroke a few months ago, and probably wont be able to physically fly 2.5 hours to make it to the wedding....It is more important to me for him to see it, than for people to judge "how tacky" they think it may be. If I was at a ceremony and the officiant told me I couldn't take pictures, I think I would be a little upset--esp if it was a close family member or friend

Nicole Inskip

nine29 Design Studios
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WOw as a Photographer can I just say, "I love you!" and I could kiss you on the mouth for this thread. :-)

I agree with Celia and Brian, it's actually done quite a bit. I ask that it be done by the officiant. I like Celia's idea of the program as well.

If you know of guests on either side who fancy themselves photographers, or your planner sees anyone with DSLRS it’s not out of the ordinary that they be asked personally not to take photos.
It’s a good idea to keep extraneous guests away during your formal portraits if you are planning on any. It’s very confusing to have a bunch of photographers and no idea who to look at. You can ask your photographer to have cards made up with your gallery link on them so guests don’t feel the need to have photos of everything.
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I don't think there's anything wrong with people taking pictures during the ceremony...just have the minister tell the guests no FLASH photography. It's the flash that causes the problems. Times are different, and EVERYONE wants to take a picture with their cellphone to post on Facebook. Another problem is that people have no problem stepping out into the middle aisle to snap pictures...ruining very important shots for the photographer and videographer. I've had guests look me right in the eye, and then step directly in front of my camera during the first kiss...just to get that precious blurry .5 megapixel image with their camera-phone. lol

And like nine29 says, herd the guest out and away during the formal photos after the ceremony. The photographers are usually short on time, and getting pics of the bridal party is like herding cats. Having guests around snapping pics and talking makes this 10 times harder. I won't even shoot video at this time, since it is distracting. Good luck!
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