No flowers for Bridesmaids to hold?
I keep looking at prices for flowers and the more I look the more I don't feel like even having them! In my opinion they cost too much for something that's not going to last. I've looked into fake flowers but now I don't even feel like paying for those. I really wanted to do something where the bridesmaids just carry candles but everyone keeps scaring me out of it by saying someone's going to catch on fire! My question is: Has anyone ever seen a wedding where the bridesmaids didn't carry flowers down the aisle and did it look akward? They'll be walking with groomsmen and the place I am getting married at is gorgeous and is already decorated with flowers and stuff.

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For my sister's wedding we just carried one rose with ribbons in the color of our dresses. I would imagine that this would be very cheap. You might be interested in doing something like that.

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Keep an eye on specials at places like Michael's and look in the clearance section... I thought the same thing as you, this past weekend me future MIL was scouting at Michaels and found 5 calla lily bouquets (each with 6 flowers) for $6.99 a piece, since they were on clearance some of the flowers needed to be put back in place and the ribbon at the base to be redone but its nothing a hot glue gun won't fix. I got all 5 and the ribbons,2 one in each color, all for under $45

P.S. I get coupons in my e-mail for Michael's weekly if you're interested let me know and I'll forward them to you.

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Remember it is your wedding, if you want the girls to carry candles then have them do it. I think if your wedding is in the evening that this could look extra amazing. Don't let others talk you out of what you want.


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What about carrying a very fun evening bag or clutch purse - that way they can carry a hankie if they ( or you) need one!

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If you want to do a candel and are afraid of fire, try one of those battery operated pillar candles. My FH got 3 for me for christmas one year from Avon because I loved the idea. The flame sits down in the candle a bit and flickers so from the outside view they look real.

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I have seen some ADORABLE photos of bridesmaids carrying nothing but an adorable, chic little clutch. It didn't look awkward at all and in fact it was probably perfect for stowing away secret tissues for that mid ceremony tear. :)

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great site with gr8 ideas
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