We've decided that in order to save money we are going to have a reception sans the DJ. Our friend is working out a playlist and said it will be just fine and no one will notice.....has anyone else done this before? I need thoughts and opinions and possibly suggestions.

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2d Bride
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That can work if you are looking primarily for background music, rather than dancing. If you want to get people dancing, a DJ is a major advantage. S/he can change the type of music on the fly as s/he sees what the audience responds to the best, can make announcements, etc. So you probably won't get as much dancing without a DJ, but it all depends what is important to you.

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I have heard of people doing this and I think it will work out just fine if you do it right. The one comlaint I do remember hearing is that people kept going up to the ipod they had set up and changing the song in the middle of another song... Like 2d bride said...the dj is the one who gets the crowd going and out on the dance floor, but if that isn't important to you then Id go for it.

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Poeple do it, but it rarely works out well. It depends on the type of atmosphere you want. An iPod can't detect crowd reaction and change the songs accordingly. An iPod cna't make announcements, nicely worded to get people's attention for things like bouquet toss or cake cutting or the grand exit.

The DJ gets the crowd going and really sets the tone for the party. They can make the difference between a nice reception and a damn good time!

But believe me- the guests will notice. If you are going to do it, you need someone manning the iPod/laptop all night and keeping other people out of it! You also need someone with some MCing experience to make announcements.

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We are lucky enough that my FH's friend is a DJ so doing it for free. If you don't care about flashy lights and a nice sound system for dancing, then go for it. Like Future RSK says, it's just a pain to get up to the ipod and changing it if it's not a good enough song. Also, most places don't have microphones and rely on DJs for microphones so your speeches will just have to be yelled. DJs also usually does announcements and the intros. I have seen the reception hall use DJs to announce "last call" and other things. It's entirely up to you. They aren't cheap for sure but the ones charging for $1k are completely overpriced.

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Thanks so much ladies! These are all good things to take into consideration-I definitely want people to have a damn good time as Meghan B said. Im going to start looking around and see what I can come up with.

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It can be done and it can be excellent, but just like a DJ it can also be awful I'm sure. We are using an iPod for our reception and I 100% guarantee that there will be plenty of dancing and no one is going to be disappointed in our choice of music. But (and this is a really big but) I have spent hours and tears putting the stinking play list together. Each song has been chosen, put in order so that it flows with other songs, had the volume manually adjusted so there are no discrepancies, and a few songs I've even edited out the intros. It has been a lot of work and it truly sounds awesome! As far MC, there is only 30 of us so we're an intimate party to begin with. I'm not worried about the flow of events too much, if we start speeches at 6:07 instead of 6:00 sharp it won't be the end of the world. With most things DIY it takes time and careful attention to detail to make it memorable (in the good way!).

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Well I have a good friend who is a DJ and he will be helping me with the whole music end of things, he said he would set up playlists and manage it. The reason he isnt DJing is because I want him to enjoy himself and party with us. Im thinking maybe if he is watching it and making sure we're good it could be ok, we have an MC who works at a radio station that will be leading us into the first dance and the intro.... maybe if I put a little sweat and tears into it things will work out.

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Oh, I forgot to mention - if you're using an actual iPod, you should be able to lock it so that if you don't have the pass code you can't change the song.

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If you have a DJ managing the playlist and an MC working the mic- you should be ok. It takes careful planning, but can be done. Most 'normal' people don't have the expertise it requires and think that all a DJ does it play music.

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I have a 2,000 dollar Dj (grrr) lol but I hand selected each song, he does lighting, monogram letter on the dance floor, up lighting behind the head table, spot lighting, confetti shot, and projection of our pictures during our first dance. I picked out over 75 songs for the wedding. His job is mainly to entertain and keep people dancing. I am paying him so I am not up there yelling come on everyone! Thats what I pay him for.

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Wow Jess your dj sounds like he has it all in the bag! I love the monogram lettering on the dance floor...

FH is so in love w/ his new iphone he said we could use that to play music from...While most of the guests are older and probably will not be in the mood for too much dancing, I still like having a dj as an added human touch to make announcements...

Now for an anniversary - I would be perfectly fine w/ just background music... Let us know what you decide!
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