*No Boxed Gifts, Please* on Wedding Invitations. What comes to mind?
So I'm planning my wedding for this summer and finalizing the invitations. My fiance and I will be moving overseas shortly after the wedding, and I was thinking of putting *No Boxed Gifts please* on our wedding invites, as we can't take our gifts back over with us. What comes to your mind when you hear that? Is it okay to put that? Ive seen it several times on wedding invitations Ive gotten, and that's where I kinda got the idea from. Thoughts?

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When I hear that I would be inclined to give a cash gift or gift card. Especially if everyone knows your moving and cant take anything with you... Hopefully and forgive me for saying theyre smart enough to figure that one out...

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I also registered at a cash deposit website... WWW.DEPOSITAGIFT.COM they can deposit cash gifts with a small fee and you can cash out at the end of your event. Just a thought... I put the website registy in the invitations too...

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I too thought that you would want money. If you feel comfortable putting that on your invitations, then do it. Etiquette says that you should not include gift information with your invites. If you decide to do it, I would suggest that you put it on a separate insert card.
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Edwina, did you mean to say that etiquette says that you should not include gift info? I've never heard of anyone mentioning a gift at all on their invite. Honestly, if someone put that, I would assume they wanted cash, but I wouldn't be at all amused. If you have a wedding website, I would put the story there and then count on family/wedding party to do the word-of-mouth part.

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maybe you could just have it travel by word of mouth? will the same thing apply for your shower?

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Yeah, you should never include a mention of gifts or registries on the wedding invitation... I would explain it on your website and heavily promote the site, as well as having it get out " word of mouth" im sure guests would understand.

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That's a way if asking for cash or gift-cards.

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I'm stupid and would think, oh they don't want to have to carry crap from the reception, so I'd send the gift to the house.
However, I would put anything about gifts on your website or word of mouth, not on the invites :)

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Yeah, I'd put it on a wedding website and maybe get some free business cards printed from vista print with your wedding website information and put that as an insert with the invites.
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I recently did an insert card (don't put it on the invitation) that read: "Your presence is the only gift we request." Then you can add your line to it about the boxed gifts. I thought this was the best way to word a request for no gifts. I wouldn't suggest vistaprint business cards, they are pretty crappy. You can buy blanks at office supply stores that are much better quality even if you print them at home.

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I'd think to give you cash. My brother was moving shortly after his wedding, we simply didn't have a bridal shower and by word of mouth everyone knew they were moving and could not take things with them so they all brought gifts cards at the reception. I personally would not put it on the invite, but I notice you say you've received similar invite so if it's a norm in your entourage then by all mean, it should be fine.

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Maybe a poem... ? on the website

If you are going to be our guest,
Please bring with you your smiles
It is hard to carry gifts
When you're traveling all these miles.

If you were thinking of giving a gift,
To help us on our way.
One sent later to our new house,
Would really make our day.
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thanks everyone for the feedback!
I think ill do a poem and put it on the website. Also, word of mouth never fails.
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That is a cute poem, Hayley!

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I agree, I would not put that on the invitation, but would put that on the website for sure!
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