Newlywed Game Questions
We are playing the Newlywed Game during cocktail hour. FH and I are KNOWN for party games! The way it will work is that couples will sit back to back. Each will get gold paddle and a brown paddle. They will be asked questions about who does what. If they say the wife, lift the gold paddle, if the husband, the brown paddle. The couple who gets the most matching/correct answers will win a prize.

Two things...

1. Please suggest some questions.
2. What should we give as a prize?

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saw this on another page.... maybe it will help! !?

as for gifts?!!? HMMMMMM lemme think

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I've actually organized this before, and we might do it at our wedding :)
1. Who said "I love you" first?
2. Who made the first move?
3. I like the questions where people will automatically think it's one of you, but it's really the other (or both)! Such as: who got a speeding ticket last month? Or: who makes an awesome bundt cake?

Prize: Starbucks gift cards, free brunch the next day (if you're doing that), bottle of wine

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We just had our "wedding shower" last weekend ... and boy my wedding party was BRUTAL!!! Omg, if we he answered one wrong I had to take a shot!! Lmaooo ... yes that's prob something you don't want to do haha ...

Some questions were-

1. Where was your first date?

2. If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be?

3. When did you first say "I Love You"

4. Favorite movie

5. What first attracted him/ her to you?

6. What is your biggest pet peeve about him/her? (this one is a GREAT question!!! )

This got very intersting!! It was so much fun (esp since my mom and step father were playing!!! TMI at some times!!! lol ) A gift cert or basket of some sort would be a nice prize

PS make sure there are no kids around!!

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Hey we are doing something similar. We will both take off our shoes, and I will give him one of mines, and he will do the same. We will then have 2 chairs with our backs turned shoe will stand for he bride, and his shoes will stand for the groom. The Master of ceremony will then ask some questions such as : Who does the most cleaning? And I will raise my shoe of course, but he will also probably raise his, which would be a lie!!! lol. But each question we get to look back and see what we answered, and get some laughs. We probably do like 6 questions.

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Paris that is exactly the idea. But we are having out guest do it while we are taking pictures during the cocktail hour. Hopefully we can get back and see some of it!

Based on the responses here and what I came up with, I think these are our questions:

1. Who is in charge of the household finances?
2. Who does the majority (51+%) of the cooking?
3. Who does the majority of the cleaning?
4. Who does the majority of the laundry?
5. If both of you compete in getting ready for a formal dinner, who will do it quicker?
6. Who goes overboard on Christmas shopping?
7. Who is the biggest procrastinator?
8. Who is the most frugal?
9. Who is more likely to forget to put gas in the car?
10. Who is the biggest hoarder?
11. Who said "I love you" first?
12. Who made the first move?
13. Who got the most recent speeding ticket?
14. Who spends the most time shopping?
15. Who is more likely to initiate whoopi?

Any others?

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LOVE The questions, And i like that idea. I just have to huge of a wedding to do that. Lol. We are having a slide show playing. But if i had a smaller wedding I definetly would do that:)

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Yeah, we are thinking maybe 10 couples will play (if that). I'm glad the idea is a hit. I LOVE party games and so do our friends so this will definitely be the Edubb & Edubbsgirl stamp on things.

Rachel W.
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This sounds like a lot of fun. I might have to suggest something like this to FH...

For prizes, you can't go wrong with gift cards to places. It could even be gift cards for dinner and a movie. Not sure if you have one near you, but in a nearby town, there is actually a movie theater where you have dinner and then watch a movie. It's pretty cool.
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