Nervous, Anxious, Excited, Stomach full of butterflies...How do you deal with this?
I am 10 days away and I can't seem to get the butterflies out of my stomach! I am so excited. I have all of my DIY projects done, all the planning done, touched base with all of my vendors, and now I have nothing left to do. It's good, don't get me wrong, but I need something to keep me busy! I think waiting for the next 10 days to pass is going to kill me! It doesn't help that I am off work for the summer (I am a teacher), so I don't even have that!

How did you deal with this feeling? How did you keep busy?

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May I recommend some light reading? I've started reading 50 Shades of Grey and it is a GREAT distraction!! It will also get you all excited for the honeymoon ;)

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wow I am so excited for you. I would just find ways to pamper myself and relax I am just thinking about what is gonna be going through my mind and geesh I am nervous for you!!!

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I hope to be writing an identical post 10 days before my day :-)

Go to the gym. Pray? LOL

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I have already ran 4 miles today. I am going to yoga tonight. So I am doing something. It's just not enough to keep me occupied I guess.

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JUST BREATHE!!!!! Oh and have a glass of wine. It will relax you. I had to. :) Good luck and congrats.

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I agree with Christina. Read 50 shades of Grey. I read all three and they were fabulous.

10 days will be here before you know it.
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