Need Unity Ceremony Ideas!!
We want to do something symbolic like a sand ceremony or unity candle ceremony but not necessarily those traditions... we like being outside the box!

Anyone have any ideas??

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Hayley C™
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Rose Ceremony: A simple unity ceremony where the bride and groom exchange roses. Other variations: the families exchange roses, the bride and groom exchange roses with their families, the bride and groom exchange roses, then present their mothers with the roses.

Wine Ceremony: The bride and groom each take a carafe of wine and pour it into a single glass, which they both drink from.

Celtic Oathing Stone. "The couple holds or puts their hands on a stone during their vows to "set them in stone"

hand blessing ceremony: Bride and groom hold each other's hands while a blessing if said

an interesting thing to do/have.....
Truce Bell. A bell is rung on the wedding day, the happiest day of the couple's lives and then is placed in a central location in the home. If the couple starts to argue, one of them can ring the truce bell, reminding them both of that happiness and hopefully ending the disagreement.

Hayley C™
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Cord of Three Strands: The cord of three strands symbolizes the joining of one man, one woman, and God into a marriage relationship.

Handfasting: Celtic wedding rituals. It involves the tying of hands together to symbolize the coming together and remaing tied together.

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Thanks Hayley! I love the Truce Bell.... very sweet!

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We are doing the sand ceremony!

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Nice! Originally we were going to do that too!

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The Unity Cross
The Unity Cross is a multi-piece sculpture that is assembled during the Unity Service of your Wedding Ceremony representing how the -Two become One. The Groom places the outer Cross in the beautiful wood base as the Pastor explains how God created man- Bold, Strong, the Defender of the Family yet how he is empty and incomplete without the woman. The Bride then places the more delicate cross inside of the Grooms cross as the Pastor explains how God created Woman- Delicate, multi-faceted, taking care of all of the little things that completes the man, and the -Two become One. The Bride and Groom then use the 3 golden pegs to lock the union(cross) together in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit as the pastor exclaims that: What God has brought together let no man take apart. Then the Unity Cross is taken home and displayed as a Daily Reminder of your Wedding Day and the Covenant that you both have made.

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We are each signing the marriage license during the ceremony.
So the first walk back down the isle will actually be right when it became official.
Not hours before or after.
Its a little more casual, yet it still symbolizes the unity to us without being overly religious. (each side of the family is a very different religion so we didn't want to do anything to over the top one way or the other) We will still have a pastor with a religious ceremony, just with a 'court' unity.
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I think we may do the sand..Fh is from venezuela so he may bring sand from his hometown, and I have a lake in mine with sand, so it would be neat to join the sand from the two places..Although I just saw the rose exchance on four weddings, that Hayley mentioned, I really like that idea since it's different. you could use any flower you wanted to..also another touch (not necessarily unity) I saw on Four weddings was that the ring was passed through the entire wedding party, not just given through the BM. I liked that :-)
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I've done unity sand ceremonies where the couple brought sand from their different home states/countries -- really nice.

I've also done ceremonies where B&G pour water from 2 containers into 1 and then water a small potted tree that they'll plant in their yard.
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