I need a song to walk down the aisle to...help!
I am having a hard time finding a good song to walk down the aisle to...i want something with meaning behind the lyrics, light melody (nothing too harsh or whimsicle)...I also need song ideas for our first dance, preferrably something we can slow dance too....any ideas will help..thanks!

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First of all.. have you addressed these with your DJ? S/he should be able to come up with some suggestions on based on your consultations.

As far as walking down the aisle... there are different ways to go:

The traditional "Here comes the bride"
Classical: Canon in D
Modern: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (by Israel Kamakawiko'ole)
Country: God Bless The Broken road (Rascal Flatts)
Pop: Marry Me (Train)

There are LOTS of great songs out there. You should sit down and talk about some of your likes and dislikes with your FH, and invite him to participate on the selection of the songs.

Good luck!

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We are having a Halloween theme wedding so our entrance song will be Michael Jackson's Thriller.

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omg i so stumped on this
I do not want hear comes the bride

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Loooove Pachebel (sp?) Canon in D! There are alot of different variations and they are all so pretty! That is what I plan to walk down the aisle to. I also know for sure 2 of my prelude songs will be Pinks "Glitter In The Air" and I am trying to find an instrumental version of Etta James "At Last". Good Luck!

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Ava Maria by Beyonce

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Some ideas.

And you can always take a song from your favorite band and look for a instrumental version of it or a karaoke version

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My bridesmaids will be walking down to Air on a G String by Bach and then I will be walking down to Marry Me by Train. Our interlude song with be To Make you Feel my Love.
Wow...2 out of 3 of those sound dirty! Rarr!

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I found a couple of songs...
Penguin- christina perri (aisle song)
A song you might hear in a wedding-Jon McLaughlin (1st dance)

Tell me what you think!

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..Although, some of those songs that Hayley posted are quite tempting...if it were totally up to me I would not hesitate to do country songs...bu the FH wont have it
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