I need some small reception ideas. I do not have any family and my FH has not been on speaking terms with his for a while. In total, we are thinking about 15-20 people will be in attendance. Here are some options:


Positives: Decorating the hall to your liking, hall would be included in the church fee for the ceremony, unless there is another wedding there would not be a time limit, catering our own reception with party trays (mid-morning would be brunch with bagels, danishes, or later in the day could be cheese/meat trays and snacks.

Negatives: Not having any help whatsoever to set up (it would be me and FH) or get food to where it needs to be, etc.


Positives: Rent area of restaurant with no worries, be waited on, pick menu for guests/know cost beforehand, possibly decorate.

Negatives: Higher costs and gratuities, some have $500 food limit or they charge $100/hour room charge, minimum number of guests (40, etc)


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Talk to your local American Legion post, VFW, or ROtary club. I am getting a hall, a bartender, and a clean up crew for 600 dollars. Most likely you can pay a little extra and get servers.

I fully intend on setting up things myself, with a few friends, of course. It's cheaper and if You are only going to have a few people there is no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money unless you have too.

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Do you have any close friends thats willing to help you set a few things up I would keep it simple do cheese and meat trays set them up all before keep them in the church fridge (most churchs have them) ask if you can set up a few tables right before that way you can go right in there and have a close friend bring them out of the fridge for you clean up well be a breez with only a few tables and chairs hats my advice hope it helped : /

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I dont know what state or area you are in but.....have you looked into reception halls? Alot of them have rooms for very small groups, and can include everything in one price and concidering you have very small guest list you could have a very nice set up for a minimal price. Good Luck :)
If you are in pittsburg area email me I can give you a number for a great place that has small rooms and includes everything including the cake.

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I live in southeastern PA and I have never heard of reception halls that include everything. Around here there are firehouses that will rent out their halls but it is all up to you to get the vendors separately. I am sure that I could find something similar through the bridal shows, etc, but they are few and ar between here. I have also noticed that there are fees out the 'butt' if you do not meet a minimum price or the minimum guest count.

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like what someone else said see if you have any close friends that can help you out that can give you a hand. do you know any of your friends or his friends that loves to cook or be in the kitchen? maybe assign them that part that way you wouldnt have to wory bout like where the food would go or anything and there wouldnt be a time limit so you wouldnt have to be rushed. you guys can enjoy your day. id say go with the church social hall.....i mean this is just my opinion, but if you went with a restaurant you might have a time limit and it might get really noisy in there and you cant hear anyone talking they have to practically yell over everyone to pass the bread!! thats what i would pick the church social hall. thats just me though.

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Another struggle we are dealing with is that me and my FH met online and live over an hour away from each other. He works 2 jobs (God bless him) and we see each other only on weekends. I am saying this because his limited amount of friends live near him and vice-versa. The ceremony is Catholic and will be held in a parish near where I live. The last thing I want to do is ask guests to help set up the food. Thats just me cause I thought that the reception was to thank your guests and is NOT for the bride & groom. It would be awkward to ask them to get their own food out of the fridge and set it up for us. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Have you talked to the womens club of the catholic church you are getting married in? Usually catholic churches have a decent social hall and if you are a member (I would imagine you are)you could get that for next to nothing and the women in the club would probly be more than Happy to help cook or serve or both. It might be buffet but hay those women do an awesome job sometimes. You could even call the rectory and ask the secretary who to talk to?

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Due to the fact that my FH works 2 jobs, I am down in his neck-of-the-woods every weekend so we attend his church. I am not a member of the parish we plan on getting married in. We have to give the church 6 month advanced notice as to when we plan to wed. At that time, I will become a member of the parish. I also have not seen the church social hall so I am unaware of their ammenities. My decision could go either way and I am just going through the pros and cons....and with you help and opinions :)
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Amy Marie,

You seem to have a good handle on the pros/cons. Your options are a church or firehouse hall where you would need to hire a caterer or a restaurant with a private event room. I would suggest you ask for a few quotes from caterers and restaurants that specialize in smaller events. Once you find someone you like, you can negotiate the price to fit within your budget; e.g., would you waive the room charge fee for this event?


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When I was thinking of eloping, I found some great packages that allow you to have up to 20 guests in attendance. You might want to google elopement packages in your area. You'd be surprised what you can find. I found a great package for a gazebo wedding on a mountain. I was beautiful! Good luck!

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Look into Boston Market. They carter, set up, break down, chefs, and include the silverware depending on the packet. The lowest price is $16.95 pp with everything included expect for the drink. You can also hire a couple of servers for about $30.00 per hour just need one. Or you have people cook for you or Giant can do some nice things as well. I think your best bet is Boston Market you are talking about less than $500.00 for your food. You can do a simply centerpiece such as a couple of flowers in a vase or rose pedals in a square vase with floating candels and you can get that at the dollar store. You can also purchase flavors at the dollar store and just fill them with candy. Hope this helps.

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Please give a little information about you and your Love One. Such as, hobbies and wedding theme. Because I do know we can help you, it free to ask for.


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We do not have a so-called 'theme', for this is going to be a very small wedding without all the frills. Both of my parents are deceased and my FH's family have been on the 'outs' for a while. That leaves me and me only to do 80% of the planning. My FH lives over an hour away and works 2 jobs so his participation will be small. I will, however, be a catholic church ceremony and I am trying to stay traditional as possible. If my FH does not get his annulment finalized, we will then get married up in the mountains (civil ceremony) and then honeymoon there as well. We would then have to get married in the eyes of God at a later date once his annulment is finalized.
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