Need "pose" ideas for tall bride and short groom!!!
I cant find any posing Ideas for our wedding pictures for a short groom/tall bride. Im near 5'11 and he's 5'7! lol i dont want to look giant ish and incase your wondering, no im not wearing heels the day off haha ill be comfy in flats

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Your photographer will know how to work with this. There are many flattering angles and poses to camoflage any discrepancy in height. Don't worry about it!

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Sitting down? I don't know, at 5'1" I'm not an expert on this, but it seems like that would work.. but at the same time, you are taller, so why not just take pictures how it is!! :)

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If you have a staircase at or near you location, those are great for blending the height thing. Also if you do sitting poses, like I had one where I was sitting on the grass with my dress all around me and he stood and had my hand in his. That was one of my favorite shots too.

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ooh thanks great ideas/suggestions

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Friends of mine just had their engagement pictures done, they had a couple of pics where they were standing in shallow water so that way you couldn't tell the groom was standing on a rock or something under the water to make himself taller.

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I've seen some really classy portraits where the bride is seated on a nice sofa or chair, and the groom is leaning on it behind her, and they're holding hands or his hand is on her shoulder. Very classic.
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