Need information about supplying the liquor for the open bar
I have found a great caterer and we have to supply the liquor for the open bar. They will provide mixers, garnishes and cups, etc. Now, that brings me to wonder how expensive will that be? Does anyone have any tips or information to share? What is the best place to get it?

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I actually found a local liquor store that bought back any unopened liquor which was super nice because I don't dirnk much so I did not want to have to keep it all. So between my liquor and beer I only spent $400 for an open bar for the durantion of the reception :)

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i was just talking about this on another can go to a discount liquors that sells cases of wine and what not and buy that for cheap. sometimes the venue will only charge a small fee to open, pour or whatever they chose the bartender needs to get paid to do!

Emilie S.

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Got to ABC liquor or another place that will allow you to return any unopened bottles. That will save you a lot of money. Also, the liquor store will be able to guide you on how much to purchase. Don't forget the ice!

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I think it's best to speak with the bartendar as well where ever your buying the liquor from. And they will be able to tell you how much to buy. Also start buying before the wedding. Keep in mind cup size you plan on using.

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Are you close to Delaware? If so it may be worth the drive since they don't have sales tax. We always drive there to purchase large quantities of booze.

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Like the other ladies said, make sure you can return the liquor if its unopened and you'll be pretty good as long as you as you go to a larger store. Some states (like mine, IL) its illegal to return alcohol.. so make sure you check it out!!! I'm going to get my wine from IN, MO, or KY so that I can return it if I have a lot left!!!

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I think someone at one point in time had a link to a drink estimator or something like that... I never saved it though... anyone have it?

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You should really take into consideration your guests and what the caterer suggests. I had an engagement party for about 100 people, and we had $500.00 worth of liquor. We only used half of that, and they were drinkers.
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Many bigger stores will buy back unopened bottles. I don't know where you are, but Binny's in Chicago has a staff that can advise you on details, deliver, and maybe even pick up leftovers. They can advise on what to purchase, etc. I'm sure there's a store like that in your area.

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I echo making sure that you can return unopened liquor. In Oregon, they would laugh at you if you tried that.

If you are going to do a bar, where you supply the liquor, why not go for a "signature" drink and a classic drink, in addition to beer and wine. Or only do beer and wine.

Do not try to cover everyones wants. So, I would say, for liquor, have vodka, bourbon and perhaps Gin. Unless you know that all of your friends live Tequilla. Do not get every liquor, hoping to make everyone happy. Your wedding is not a new bar. LOL!

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We live in Oregon and will be making a weekend road trip to Cali for big price savings.. we are having open bar and its a diy wedding, so we will save money any way we can...

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I would also suggest...if you are in a town that has a military base and you know someone that has access...maybe you can stock up on base since you aren't charged any tax. How much depends on how many folks, are the majority drinkers...I would definitly talk to the bartender and get his recommendations. Kathy is right on...don't try to please everyone!! Usually people will make it work with whatever choices they are given.

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Thanks ladies!!! I have some homework.

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Just found this pretty cool drink estimator. It asks how long your reception will be, how many light/average/heavy drinkers...I just guessed at that and then it popped out an estimate of how much soda/beer/wine/liquor to buy....I would print out the estimate you get and show it to a bartender or someone at the liquor store to see how accurate it is. Also, my caterer said he would guide us on how much alcohol we need to buy. Check with your caterer...if they're supplying the bartenders then they should know by experience how much you should get.

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Oops! I forgot to include the link. Sorry :(

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Mrs Jones took the words right out of my mouth. If you know someone with access to a military base, definitely price by the case on base. It's tax free and depending on the base and the type of liquor they'll let you return any unopened bottles. We're only doing beer and wine because our families are a bunch of alcoholics lol and I don't want to worry about buying stuff to please everybody :-P.
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