Can any of you girls help me figure out perfect colors for july..i love every color so my decision is so hard

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What are your Fh's favorite colors? Is there a specific theme you want to go with?

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Im having a July wedding and our colors are Silver with mint green and pearl pink accents... but most summer wedding colors are viberant... Like Hot pink with Orange... or something like that... I did the pink and green because green is his fav. color and pink is my fav. color. Hope that helps!!

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We used our fave colors. FH is black, mine is light blue. In summer weddings you can generally do any bright colors together and they'll look hot. What colors do you and your FH really like? Whats something that catches your eye? A good thing to do is to actually get a color wheel so you can mix and match colors physically w/ what you think will look good. I changed my first colors b/c they were too much like fall colors and I wanted colors that symbolized us as a whole

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My wedding is July of next year, and our colors are Royal blue and orange. I didnt think I would like it right away, but the more I see it the more I love it!

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Mine are DB pool and pink!

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Mine are purple and gray.

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He doesnt kno his favorite color but i love bright colors and i know purple and greenl look good on me. Ive gone through so many colors but i will take yours guy's ideas and put them in mind
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