I need help with the wording and instructions for the wedding quilt guest book!
So I am doing a wedding quilt as a guest book. I am going to put instructions and details inside of a picture frame but how do I word it and make sure it is clear and understandable. They have to leave 1/2 border for me to sew it. I just want it to be clear and to the point which I am not good at. Thanks

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Can you mark off your borders using a marking pen or tracing paper? They sell pens in the sewing notions section that disappears over time. So you'd just mark off the 1/2-inch border leaving a square in the middle. And in your instructions you can put a () and say "Be sure to color inside the lines". Or something like that.

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I think ladylee's instructions are great. I'll be marking the seam allowance using the washable pens so when I wash it the lines will disappear.

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I'm really interested to know how this goes... Are you laying out fabric pens? I think this is a great idea!

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Yes, I have cut out more than 200 fabric squares (we have 195 guests) and bought 10 permanent fabric pens (which I tested out on the fabric). I will lay them out and let people do whatever they want on their square.
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