Need help with a Knot Ceremony

I am in serious need of help. I would REALLY like to have the 'Knot Tying' Ceremony in my wedding. I love the tradition and symbolism of the unity candle/sand but those are so over done, I'd rather tie and actual knot, and that way it would be something that we could display in our home! However, I'm having trouble finding instruction on it. Whenever I google it, I just come up with things that use the phrase tying the knot, like some photography company, or, or I get things about handfasting, which isn't what I want to do either.

Did anyone do this? if you have suggestions I would lOVE to hear them.

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HI I can help a little bit for this... a friend did this for her wedding and I made it for her.

There is a website that you can go to to learn how to make it and as soon as I find it I will share with you....

It is the handfasting cord ......

Hope that this helps you!!! =]

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Here is another idea...

"tying the knot" instead of doing a unity candle

Both his mom and your mom will present you with a long piece of thick ribbon (2 different colors, your wedding colors) which you will tie in a knot to symbolize the union of the two families. You can also plan to "tie the knot" every year on your anniversary on the same piece of ribbon.

Maybe practice to get it smooth? Do it slow for the photographer.
1. First You will hold your strand out in front of you by each end, stretching it out in front of your man.
2. he will take his strand and wrap his little over underknot around your strand.
3. he will hold his ends stretching his tied piece out to you.
4. take your ends and tie your simple knot.
5. the you both pull one of your ends, and the knots will slide together and "kiss" creating the knot.

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Groom and Bride have chosen to do something unique and special today in tying “the love knot” (maybe tell something about how you plan to do this every year if you like that idea)

(Groom and Bride will be holding these strands for this part of the ceremony.)

Start Tying of the “love knot” (slow for photographer)

Spoken after you tie the first part of the knot
To start the knot, both Groom and Bride must do their part as individuals.

As these two strands intertwine

So we join, your life and mine.

bride and groom finish tying the knot

spoken after you finish the knot
In finishing the knot, Groom and Bride will understand that only together, and through continued effort can they create a lasting union.
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Check out this site -

The kit is amazing and comes with everything you and your officiant will need to do the ceremony and it even includes an explanation to include in your programs for your guests.

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Thank you everyone, the comments are helpful. @Hayley C. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I'm looking for!
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