Need Help - Tall Glass Vases...
Hello all,
I am trying to find a site with tall glass vases, wholesale if possible and a site for candles. But need them to be big enough to fit real apples in them preferably 3-6 apples. I know the candle site maybe an easy one but maybe someone have already used a site they recommend! thank you in advance ladys!

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Jul 25, 2009 at 1:19 PM • Flag As Inappropriate have tall cylinder as well as square vases for a very good price the more you order the less they are the last time I checked for the tall square one's that I wanted & I'm going to need over 15 were like $6.00 per vase (I know they were less than $10) the site also has awsome deals on votives and tealight candles, as well as floating candles. If I am unable to find them in a store so that I dont have to pay shipping fees that is who I will be using.

Hope this helps. Keep me posted.

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Michaels is also pretty reasonable as well. Especially if you catch them during a sale.

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save on crafts is awesome and

i was gonna get mine from eitherof these 2 places but the shipping to canada was an arm and a leg

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For vases try or For candles, I found candles in bulk at You can also access quick candles through ebay and sometimes get an even better price:

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Thanks ladies I will look into all the sites given!

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try - not sure if they have the tall ones, but i ordered my glass bowls from there -


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Before you buy a bunch of vases, check with local decorators, party rental and party supply stores. They may rent vases that will work for you at a fraction of the price of purchasing them. For example, we rent most of our vases ranging in price from $0.50 - $5.00. When you buy glassware online, you have to remeber that it is very heavy and often times the S&H is nearly as much as the merchandise itself. Otherwise, I would check Hobby Lobby, they have half price sales all the time.

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I found some good deals on tall cylinder vases at They had a good selection and the prices weren't outrageous either.
There are also some really good deals on votives and votive holders at

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I absolutely agree with 'Celebrations' comment -- unless you definitely want to own your vases afterward, I have found that renting decor items through our florist / decor company has been far more affordable than if I bought them myself. Our florist / decor vendor is located in Los Alamitos, CA - just in case you'd like to check her out at all, her name is Nisie Vorachard and her company is called Nisie's Enchanted Florist - she is AMAZING - does incredible things for faaaar less then you'd expect based on the photos of her work.
She does rentals. But, I'm sure there are hundreds of places in LA who you could rent from if that sounds like an option for you. Good luck!!! :-)

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I used to work at pier1 and they have lots of tall vases. They may have some in different colors.

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I found my centerpiece vases at Wholesale Glass Vases International. I found their prices to be very good. Several vases did break during shipping however; they did send replacements quickly.

I also found vases at the Christmas Tree Shop although I'm not sure if they had the tall vases.

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Augustbride thank you for that dollar store link! Who knew they even had a website and those prices are wonderful!

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Google "Flower Factory" and check and see what they have. Also, check and see if there is a Flower Factory store near you. I was there a few weeks ago and they have TONS of vases (in all different shapes and sizes) and other wedding "stuff", too!
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if your still looking I rent vases I have all sizes from $1.00 to $3.00
I rent a set of 3 vases for $5.00 each they are 10"x3" / 15" x 3"
and 20" x 3 " and I also have them in square.
My website is if you would like to look

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Nov 24, 2009 at 6:14 PM • Flag As Inappropriate has a wide variety of candles, candle holders, and a ton of vases. you should definitely check them out. i've gotten a bunch of candles from this site and they have really great quality candles and the prices are really competitive. i've tried candles4less but i don't think their quality is as good as zestcandle.

PLUS, zest candle is having a black friday sale so use this coupon code when you check out and get 10% off your entire order.

coupon code: blackfriday09

good luck!

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Shop around on the various floral supply websites. is a good one. Shipping costs on vases are high... so it is good to find them at a local store. But sometimes the selection and quantity are limited... so online works out better. Good luck!

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heavily planning....

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If you want to find an exporter of glass vases, please visit, they are large exporter from China.

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