Need help! Candy molds
Who here has made candy for favors? I am trying to make the kind where you melt the chocolate then pour into the shaped molds....For those who have done this, what kind of chocolate did you use and how did you melt it? I am such a noob at this. We've made fondue before with no issues, even used the same chocolate i have now but it burnt or wont melt right. Double boiler, microwave, fondue pot, failed...

I need help!

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Hobby lobby has a plethora of choices in their candy section. I caution you though, as somebody who's made candy for a mass group, it can get MESSY and exhausting! After EVERYTHING that you put out to make the candies, it'd be just as well to buy them. (but that's only my opinion. I'm trying to bake, make candy and cook with four kids running around).

The ones I bought from hobby lobby a while ago were microwaveable but I can't remember how much they were. Good luck! Post pictures of your final product!

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any craft store has them, they are called Candy Melts I believe and they come in tons of colors ... and the molds are there as well, I was going to do them but yet again the idea was completely shot down ...

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I boil water in a small pan and just place the candy melts in a small metal mixing bowl on double boiler. You just have to be sure that you are mixing it as it melts. Don't let it sit there. I would suggest just doing a little at a time and melting more as you see the need for it.

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I bake on a regular basis, and for my chocolate cakes I use chocolate chips as the base. You can also use these for your candies, and it won't be as expensive as the craft store candy melts. (FYI White chocolate is VERY challenging to use regardless so don't beat yourself up for burning it the first few times.)

As for the actual melting. I just use a pot and a bowl that is a little larger than the pot. I bring the water to a boil (med-hi) and then place the choco chips in the empty bowl and place it on top. The just keep mixing until they begin to melt. You can also control temp this way because you can take the chocolate off to let the heat from the already melted chocolate do some work.

Just don't leave the chocolate unattended as it was seize on you very easily. My advice is just keep trying! Chocolate is a very hard medium to work with, but the end results are always worth it.

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There are these little things called candy chocolate wafers, they come in lots of different colors and you can get them at craft stores. I usually get mine at ac moore. You can also check here:

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Ok, I got the candy melts from Michaels. The chips were the same price as the melts but the melts were easier. I filled 4 molds and still had extra with one bag. They are cooling now so I'll post pics later.
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