I need gift ideas for my groomsmen and Best Man please.
Hello everyone,

I've been stumped on what to buy my groomsmen and Best Man. Two of my groomsmen are brother-in-laws and the other two plus Best Man have been my closest friends for the past 20 years.

I don't want to do something like a money clip or cuff links, and we all have watches from a previous wedding. I want to do something unique but I just can't think of anything.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Shannon S.
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Flasks with their names engraved are a traditional gift.

Or, instead of a gift, you could take them out for an experience. The day before our wedding, DS took his groomsmen and the dads out for Brazilian steakhouse.

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shannon you kinda beat me to it, I was gonna say that...
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Shannon has the right idea... that is what we are doing for our guys.

My finace was part of his friends wedding not too long ago and he recieved a little switchblade multi knife engraved with his inititals. It was nice.

Shannon S.
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I think Swiss Army knives are a great gift, but only if people aren't flying in. It would be a pain to check a weekend bag because there was a knife in it (though I suppose you could offer to mail the gifts out after the wedding for anyone flying).

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you can also get them card cases, they're nice to have if they don't like carrying around wallets and such...


and these are pretty affordable, I'd pay 23 dollars for a personalized card case for my groomsmen/bestman

Hayley C™
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I also agree with an "experience" and then a little something that can be used or looked at to remember the day.

On the note of the Pocket knife as an example - Do a fishing, hunting or camping trip and give them the pocket knife.

Do you have a favorite sport team? You could go to a sport event and buy everyone jersey's with their last names.

My husband and his siblings grew up playing cribbage. We got them custom cribbage boards for a gift for standing up for our wedding.

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My fiance came up with the idea of getting them engraved beer mugs. They are all beer drinkers and he's known them his whole life. I was suprised he came up with the idea!

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Were doing personally picked flasks. For example, or BM likes irish whiskey so we found him one thats meant for whiskey and has celtic markings, one was a captin morgan flask, my brothers favorite, one was a New Orleans Saints. Ebay was the best for that

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I like the "experience' idea. FH is a huge 49ers Fan and his Best Man is a Steeler's fan. I know he is planning on buying tickets to the next Niners/Steelers game in SF this year.

Kinda a big gift, but he only has the one Best man and no other groomsmen

The beer mugs or flasks is a nice one too

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions. They are very helpful. :)

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I think u can make some cards by yourself,which write some words. Although it sounds very simple ,making these cards needs to pay more time and energy. At your wedding feast, u can read these words and give the cards to them.They will be moved.

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A personalized gift is an ideal present for your best man and your groomsman because it is meaningful and something they will always treasure. There are a few things that you can gift them, such as the following

Engraved money clips are excellent for separating credit cards, assorted other ID cards and business cards from cash.
Engraved flasks make great storage devices for alcoholic beverages as well as juices and sports drinks.
Engraved Zippo lighters make great keepsakes to pass down to sons and grandsons.

These are the only appropriate gifts I could think of, hope it was helpful :)

www.bluechopsticks.com has a wide variety of these personalized gift items suitable for the groomsmen and best-man. Goodluck :)

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My fiance was in a wedding where the groom gave each groomsmen stock. Each guy got a different stock that was personalized to them. My fiance loves coors beer, so he got some stock in coors. Another guy likes Jack Daniels, so he got Jack Daniels stock. They got it at www.oneshare.com. It was not a lot of stock but a great idea I thought!

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we are doing a wallet from things remembered that already has a money clip inside of it and that will have their name engraved on it. Total will be around $40 each

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First I'd like to thank everyone for the gift ideas. I went with engraved beer mugs for the groomsman and an engraved flask for the best man.

Any suggestions for parents of bride and my dad?

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cufflinks are always a good idea.
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I am thinking about getting my grooms this cool box by a company called the box bros. It is pretty awesome. You might want to check it out... http://www.theboxbros.com

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Is there a place where I can get personalized beer labels for my groomsmen?

Wedding: 09/04/2016
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I need beer labels made and shipped in a week. Know anyone that can make it happen?
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