Navy blue wedding
Our wedding is in early August and I know that I want my primary color to be navy blue. I'm having trouble deciding what accent color/s to use and what flowers to go with for bouquets and decor. I don't neccesarily want blue flowers but I do want something that complements the bridesmaids' navy blue dresses. Anyone have advice?

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I think that Navy and cream or tan, a light, sky blue, a silver, may be if you want to get a little on the crazy side a light pink. I really like the way that, that looks but it a little from the norm. I have attached a website that has some color scheme ideas.

If you need anything else let me know. Good luck!!!

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I think that silver or even tan or champange type color would look nice too. I know there aren't silver color flowers but you can find decor.
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Navy blue looks great with bright colors like lime green (chartreuse), lemon yellow, or hot pink. You can match your flowers to your accent color instead of matching the blue dresses.

Have fun with it!
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Marine Weddings are usually done in Navy and REd or Maroon. The contrast is stark but usually looks very sharp.


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I had a client whose wedding was navy blue with orange & yellow accents. It sounds strange, but the B&G were both EMTs & it went with the whole fire-fighter thing. There are pictures on my website if you want to see how it looked:

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So many great responses - really like the champagne or tan - or even grey - but I agree with the bright colors if you want to pump it up for summer. Orange and navy always look great together - you could use tiger lilies - not sure if they are in season - but it could really pop. Good luck!


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YELLOW I think it looks absolutely beautiful with navy. You can also add a touch of orange but mostly yellow I think those colors are simlpy georgous together.
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Blue is such a lovely color and there so many colors you can choose from to accent it. You can use a soft blue, yellow, gold, orange. With adding colors and beadning your bouquets and decor can be breath taking. Please visit our website to get some more ideas or feel free to contact Garden of Eden Designs and one of our consultants will be happy to assist you. (404) 277-7823.


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If you're of French or Italian descent, keep in mind that Yellow is traditionally a bad luck color for weddings. You don't want to upset Nonna!
Blue and White flowers are gorgeous with navy.

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I think it depends on what kind of wedding youre having. is it formal or casual? blue is my main color, but i want a casual, laid-back feel, so im contrasting it with light green. If yours is more formal, I would just use lots of white to break up the navy.

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Hey congratulations! My wedding is Feb 29th and I too am using navy blue as one of my main colors. My other colors are silver and white, we are using a whole snowflake theme. Hope that helps. Good Luck.


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Navy blue is a wonderful color to play with. You can use silver, shades of blue and break it all with a wonderful slight splash of color (if you want to add some color) such as green or a very light pink.

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We are using Navy and Silver. We are also thinking about using white hydrangeas as our flowers. ALso our theme is going to be "A Night Under the Stars".

Happy Planning!
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Hi Stacybear,

Silver is a nice accent color...We photographed a wedding where the brides maids dresses were silver the skirt was pleated and the top was a halter top. they were nice and flowy and really complimented the the brides maid's shapes. you could do a nice navy blue dress with a nice A frame skirt. August is a warm time of the year so a nice cool material the breaths is good for hot summer days.

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A silver would definitely blend with the Navy and you can try different shades of pink or purples that would go with it as well.

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I think that a peach would be a nice contrast.
There are many flowers that come in peach colors too.

Good luck and congrats!
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Have you tried putting few colors together with navy to see which one stands out most as your accent color. You can use the flower and may be napkins and chair sashes too in your accent color. We send out free color swatches to prospective brides to help them visualize the color story. We have over 60 colors to choose from. Please visit our website to order your FREE swatches

Good Luck
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