"naughty or nice" shower theme etiquette
I am planning a "naughty or nice" themed shower and i am uncertain as to how to convey to the guests that they could bring a "naughty/nice" gift as the "wishing well/gag gift" present. I will be enclosing the normal bridal registry information, but I wanted to put an insert card in the invitation the indicates the the "wishing well" gift is going to be where you could give your "naughty or nice" gift. Or if someone has a better or more imaginative way of doing this as a shower theme, please share.

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Is this for your shower? If so, tacky.

Also, adding an insert with your Bridal Registry? Double Tacky.

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Alot of times when the invitation is made it's made quite clear as to what the theme is in the wording of the invitation.

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Kathy, thanks for being such a frigid b*tch about with ur comment! It's actually a very fun and playful theme idea.

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most of the time bridal showers are Naughty or nice...even if that isnt the specific theme...you get your share of picture frames, and sexy lingere for your first night:) maybe instead of a wishing well you can do a naughty/nice box.... lol:) i think the idea is fun...

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Shower invites are the only place that registry insert cards are allowed, so definitely include those if you want to spread the word about the formal registry.
Have you found theme-y invites (or could you create some)? I think that people often follow the lead of the feel and wording of the invitation, so if you can customize that part, to get your message across, you should be good.


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You can put a note with the invite...There are invitations to match your bridal shower theme type, also.

Robes or slippers for her feet,

Candles, lotion, a bubble bath treat,

Satin, silk and leather too,

For a Naughty or Nice Shower, any gift will do!

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I'm confused. So you are asking guests to bring a naughty or nice gift, in addition to a bridal shower gift (so, two gifts). Or the theme for the shower AND the gifts is naughty/nice? (one gift, either naughty or nice)
A few things to consider are:
Is the theme going to 'fly' with the bride and the crowd? If the bride is going ot be uncomfortable with the theme and opening those type of gifts in front of family and the family to be. It might not be a good idea. If a majority of the guests are not into that kind of thing and perfer traditional showers, they will either not come at all. OR give gifts that aren't with the theme. I would LOVE to attned a shower like that. It sounds awesome. BUT it would never fly for the family I have. Just a few things to consider.
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WISHING WELL's are something that are popular in certain areas of the country... I know i didn't know about it until I googled it, and have not been to one... Kristen D, if your ladies are used to going to showers with Wishing Well's then you should be fine.

In addition to a the main gift, each guest brings a small ($5-$10) present for the wishing well. These are usually placed in a big basket and opened after the big gifts. There is no name on the gift and it doesn't need to be wrapped. It is just little somethings that are usually overlooked on registries. The wishing well's can have a theme (kitchen, wine/bar, honeymoon, naughty/nice, "gag-gift," etc)

but I agree... know your audience. I had 2 showers... my Aunt gave me an afternoon "tea" shower and my MOH gave me the "fun" one that ended with girls-night out on the town.

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Hmmm..If the wishing well gifts are gifts from the registry, it's useful. But if it's random stuff the guest pick out, I think alot of useless stuff could be brought. I also think that a guest having to bring two seperate gifts is a little much. I know I wouldn't be able to afford two seperate gifts. As for the 'gag' gift, I wouldn't want to buy some cheap thing that will just get tossed or collect dust, I then would feel obligated to buy something more expensive, in hopes that it got used and was of decent quality. (I am by no means syaing that a gift can't be inexpensive and of good quality, just that when I picture a naughty or nice gift between 5-10 dollars. I think plastic handcuffs from a dollar store or such. Not really useful and a waste of money)

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