Name one "WOW" factor about the best wedding you've ever been to.
I need a wow factor. My wedding is feeling lame. Boring. I don't want a snoozer. I'll die if people walk out critiquing that it was the worst wedding they've ever been to! Help!

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The best wedding I ever attended was in the Princeton, NJ area. It was my college roomie. This was 20 years ago and was Platinum before David Tuttera and all the shows. The appie section was station after station and tables of lobster. Then we were ushered into a room for a 5 course dinner; wedding cake, pastry table, etc. My panty girdle was killing me. There was a band and a DJ. The band was kick ass. My roomie did the conga line on her head table. It was a blast.

What made it a blast: outstanding food, exceptional booze, over the top music and a really fun crowd. I truly believe when you have those 4 ingredients(even varying in lavishness) you NEVER have a snoozer.

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I hear you Erin ... my wedding is going to be kinda blah ... I'm afraid and at this point my family members are all so sick of weddings, that I feel the stress to need this one to stand out ... but who knows it probably won't ...

Shannon S.
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The best weddings I've ever gone to are the ones where the bride and groom really thought about the guests. They made sure we were comfortable and had plenty to eat (and drink! keep the booze flowin'). One of the better weddings I went to was on the groom's family property in Maine. They had a tent, kegs, lobster, and a really fun group of people. No one took themselves too seriously. The groom's uncle set off a bunch of fireworks, the groom and one of his friends went joyriding in a golfcart with an iPhone as a flashlight, there was volleyball...

BAsically, you can tell which weddings were planned out so everyone could have a good time, and which ones are all about the bride and groom wanting everyone to make a big to-do over them. A lot of big budget events can be really stodgy.

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I agree with Shannon -- all my Dad keeps saying about the reception is food & booze!! People come to weddings for free food & booze!! I'm like, okay dad... but he is totally right!

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This is great thread! Im eager to hear what others have to say...the two weddings I have attended have been pretty boring actually lol.

The best part of the last one is when the father of the groom sent us to walmart to buy cans and (then of course we had to empty the beer cans!) and tie them to their car. So a few friends and a few members of the BP were all out in front of the church drinking beer LOL. I wonder if we will go to hell for that one? hmmm

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I have always followed the rule that guests will not remember what you wore, what your tables looked like, or what the flowers were but they will remember the music, the booze and the food.

The best wedding I have ever been to was my sister's - her and her hubby were on the dance floor the entire night and if they saw people sitting down, they would run over and drag them on the dancefloor. Her food was great Polish food and she had an open bar with champagne for everyone.

I have been to very elegant affairs - and yes, they were gorgeous and had the wow factor but in the end, I have had the most fun at weddings where there was obvious love in the room and everyone was dancing and having a blast.
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The view outside the reception at my sister’s wedding last summer, June 11. During the reception, it began to storm slightly. The venue was a local museum and sculpture park, in the Performance Hall. The glass building faces the sculpture park and on the other side, reflects the marble corridor. Just outside, there are dancing sculptures on the lake, large white and billowy. They float across the water and as the storm blew in, they began to dance. It was the most amazing thing. Here is a pic of one of them, but you really have to experience them for yourself.

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I hate to put another wedding before my own...but the absolute best wedding I EVER went to was back in 2000. A friend of my from grad school got married in my hometown on Long Island....holy smokes.....full premium open bar, 3 bottles of red and 4 bottles of white wine on every table along with a bottle of absolut and hennessy.....this was in addition to the open bar and when the bottles were empty they were replenished! All tall arrangements....sparklers hidden in the flowers that went off during the crescendo of their first dance....a band and a dj....a hot and cold hor dourve hour that we thought was dinner...plated dinner......a huge dessert buffet and wedding cake....and the topper a film the couple and bridal party had professionally shot to show how they met....holy cow I'm hyperventilatng!

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Magination - There is nothing more fun than chugging beers in front of church.Okay, maybe doing it in a confessional.

Shannon's point was spot on. You can always tell when it is a "guest centered" affair, and when the couple doesn't take themselves too seriously.

Having 50 breathing down my neck, I have been to a hell of a lot of weddings. The only boring weddings I have been to have been either dry or the music sucked. I can even deal with bad food. My first wedding was a blast. The 13 year marriage totally sucked, but the wedding was a good time. We had an obese neighbor standing on her chair doing the "Rock Lobster"(It was 1982, so timely). I peed my pants.

I just want a "Big Chill" meets "Wild Hogs" kind of weekend wedding. I know there will be hidden whoopie cushions. I am just going to stop and blame Dad!

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I went to a wedding like 6 years ago and I still marvel at how awesome the food was!

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Hahaha @ Carol -- I am literally LOL. Thank you for all your insight, everyone. I'll be sure to have plenty of alcohol and I'll TRY to have good music and food, crossing my fingers I hired the right people! :) That seems to be the verdict.

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Kelly M....Bravo! You are so right. You gotta feel the love.

I am really loving this topic. Thank you Erin b, and welcome to WW!

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I'm planning on lots and lots of dancing! Really good food, wine too. But the dancing. That's the key for me.

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The best wedding I went to there was a variety of food and lots of dancing. They offered wine and beer only but that was fine by me! I had tons of fun dancing. It was also the first time I'd seen a candy bar/buffet. That was 5 years ago. For me it was good friends, good food, and dancing. I'm hoping I can replicate that!
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At my niece's recent wedding reception, they had a photobooth with props. I've heard of them on here, but it was my first experience with it. DH & I had fun with it.

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If you and your groom are having a good time - the rest of your guests will follow suit... Our bridal party got off the bus at the reception, chanting "heyyyyyyya heyyyya baby - oh ahh - I wanna know, if, you'll be my girl" - we walked through the crowd into the cocktail hour (a lil early, but they were ready for us) - singing this song - and the rest is magic - everyone said that set the tone for the evening - then we followed it up by the bridal party dance to a slow country song - schreeching to a halt - then into a choreographed dance to MJ's Beat It - I have to admit, although it was my own wedding - that was the WOW factor - and didn't need to spend a dime!!! :) Good luck and remember to have fun!!!

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my budget is low but i think i have kept the wedding to be something my guest will like. The food is good and i hired a kick ass DJ

Ms. G
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They always say...THE FOOD!! My aunt still hated my friends wedding because of the But I remember so many wonderful moments .....When someone say the wedding was great....they mean the food was great. when they say the wedding was horrible they mean the food was horrible.....

Shannon S.
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What's funny is that after a year on this board I can tell which weddings are going to be a hit and which ones will be duds.

It's easy - the bride posts over and over about her makeup, hair, gown, and seems to resent her guests ("They're getting a free meal and should suck it up!" whenever someone disagrees with how she's planning her wedding). Every time, the bride comes back from her wedding complaining that everybody left early and seemed bored. Of course, then the bride will say that everyone was rude and should have stayed around to watch her swan around.

But if a bride posts about how she's trying to throw a good party, how she can't wait to see everyone, and wants to hit the dance floor? No matter her budget, she's going to come back saying it was a great time.

So, the "wow" factor for a great party? Understanding that "It's MY day!" is going to bite you in the butt. It's a happy day for you to share with your love, your friends, and your family. It's not yours alone.
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