Name Change BEFORE Honeymoon?
My FH and I are going to St. Lucia for our honeymoon a week after our wedding. I was wondering if I should change my name (license, credit cards, etc.) before we leave? Wouldn't that possibly conflict with my Passport if I have my maiden name on it, and my ID is a different name? Any advice out there?

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I would wait until you return. Even though you will be married they don't expect you to automatically use your new last name immediately. Especially when passports are involved.

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Nope, not a good idea. You will definitely have issues traveling, plus it will take a lot longer than a week to get everything changed legally (license etc).

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Well you have to wait for your marriage license to be ready and that usually takes at least a week in most states. I would wait until after you get back. It usually takes at least a week for a new credit card to be sent to you and the banks wont usually change the name until you have a photo id with the new name. You would hate to be on your honeymoon have the new cards come in whileyour gone and have the old ones deactivated.

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Don't so it! You'll have so much to change in so little time. Go on honeymoon enjoy yourself. Then come home and figure it out

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You will definitely need to wait especially if the travels plans are in your maiden name. You don't want that extra stress on you when you should be relaxing and enjoying yourselves. There's really no way to get the paperwork needed in time before you leave to even get anything changed over. I'd wait if I were you.

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Thanks everyone! I will wait until I get back : ) I soooo LOVE this website! I told my FH that every time we have a question...I always say "I'll ask weddingwire!"....Such quick responses!!! xoxo

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One of my cousin's changed their name before their honeymoon and had so many issues. You have to remember to change EVERYTHING. My cousin recommends to everyone to wait until after the honeymoon. Hope this helps. :)

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Wait until you come back from your Honeymoon. You don't need the headache.

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As eager as I am to start using my new name, I am also waiting until after the honeymoon. I've heard too many stories about brides who had travel issues due to inconsistencies during the process. (different name on tickets/passports/etc)

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In Ohio it takes the court at least a week to get the paperwork done and you need a certified copy of their record to change your Social Security number then they send you a new card which takes 2 weeks. Then you have to change your license, bank account, credit cards, and everything else. Your passport alone can take up to 6 months to change depending on where you are and how many other people are applying.

I'd suggest waiting.

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We are going to St Lucia too!!! :) We already booked our trip in my maiden name so I have to leave it.

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The SS website states that after you submit your application that you will receive your new card in 10-14 business days. You can't change anything else without that.

Bliss Honeymoons

Bliss Honeymoons
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Your name on your ticket and your name on your passport have to match. It's best to just wait until you get back to do the name change and get a new passport.
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passport is going to cause problems - not to mention it takes a while to get a new one!

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I've heard waiting is the best idea. That is what I am doing! Our honeymoon is exactly one month after the wedding!

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I suggest waiting as well. And during that waiting period, I would make note of everything you sign your name to and every card and document that you use so that when the time comes for you to change it, you remember to change it on EVERYTHING! Make sure that if you have your finances done electronically (paying bills online) that you make sure that nothing gets "skipped" because it's a different account name now. Know what I mean? It's not exactly the same thing, but I had a bank change names (which meant account numbers) and my bills that were set up to automatically get paid got missed when the bill couldn't find the right name and account number anymore. It was a huge headache. When you do a personal name change at your bank, it may not cause your account number to change, but I'd check with them just to make sure if you have things set to automatically get paid.
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