My wedding dress is too small!
I am sure many brides out there are hoping to shed a few pounds in order to look there best on there special day. I guess you could say I am one of them... to an extreme. I bought a dress at the August 2009 "Running of the Brides" in Boston. I found a gorgeous dress in my street size, but not my dress size. I took the risk and I bought it thinking "I have over a year to fit into this thing! That's more than plenty!" Well, now I've got less than 9 months and I'm still not fitting into the thing... there's no Plan B. I'm wearing this dress! LOL. I need to make it happen. Any tips or words of encouragement? To see a picture of how small my dress is or follow my weight loss journey go to

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Maybe have a corset put into the back?

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south beach diet!

you could also have some fabric sewn into the sides of your gown to let it out.

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excerise and eat healthy meals in moderation. Make it a life style change not just a diet. Whenever you are tempted by fatting foods, just look at a picture of your dress.

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I LOVE your weding date. I dont think I have seen anyone else with that date. :)

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Do not worry. Just try to eat healthy and exercise. You will be able to fit in your dress in no time. Good Luck!

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Having a low back corset would look very pretty and unique. I don't want to discourage you, your intentions are great and you should deffinately work to have a healthy lifestyle. But I have been trying to eat a bit healthier and get more exercise and right now I am the heaviest I have ever been. Make the dress fit you, not the other way around.

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I looked at your picture and I think the corset is defintiely the way to go. Remember that it's not only about losing weight but keeping it off for 10 months!

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I am in a similar position I am just going to the gym 6 days a week and eating well. My wedding is in 4 mths, and I am sure I can get mine to fit... mine does however have a corset back- but is still a full size too small...

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How much do you need to lose? I think street size versus dress size is only about a size and depending on your height I'm thinking 10 pounds ought to do it, right? That's very attainable in 10 months, but I'm sure you want to get it done and fit in it so you can try it on months before the wedding and accessorize with it on, etc.

I don't want to suggest anything drastic if you're not looking for anything drastic, but a raw vegan diet will help you shed pounds quick. It can be painful (just think of what happens to your tummy with lots of ruffage and fiber) and rapid weight loss is never healthy for you, but it WILL work if you are desparate. Otherwise, put yourself on a 1600 cal a day diet and get to the gym to burn a total of 800 cal a week. That should give the average woman a calorie deficit of 3500/week which equals a one pound weight loss per week. Plus the more you cut sodium and processed foods, the better for bloating.

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oh absolutely agree....cut out sodium and processed foods....and definitely the soda is a NO NO!...water: YES...continuous cardio throughout the day: YES....BREAKFAST: ABSOLUTELY!!!

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healthy eating, plus regular exerise.
and get a corset back- it will look lovely whether or not you lose the weight

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I agree with the pp. Eat healthy, eat smaller portions & do cardio exercises (even if it's nothing but walking).

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I am doing weight watchers and they really do work! You have enough time and I know you will get it off no matter which method you use. But ww works well.

At Last!!!!!
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Lifestyle CAN and WILL do it!!!!

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Hey date twins!

My results are probably highly atypical but I've been able to lose about 12 pounds in the last 2 months after cutting out refined sugars and starches. I also try not to eat after 7 (in fact I only eat dinner if I'm feeling hungry). Some other easy tricks are to take the stairs whenever possible and park far away from any doors you have to walk to.

I hope you're able to fit into your dress! :)

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A trick I use (when I remember) is to contract my core muscles (abs/stomach) while driving. I try to hold for as long as possible, rest, then go again. What else would I be doing that's safe and productive while driving? If you have an office job and are stuck in a chair all day, there's also exercises that you can do while sitting. Keep burning those calories!

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I go to renuka gupta for weight loss management and lost 20 lbs in 4 months

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Well you can try south beach diet not saying your fat or have it altered or look for a new dress and make sure its affordable.
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