My Small Catholic Wedding Plans...Your Imput Needed
In case some of you have not read my other posts, my wedding is going to be very small with maybe 20 guests. My parents are deceased with no extended family except my sister and 6 yo niece. My FH is 'dead' to his family and they have told him they will not attend. I will be paying for the reception while my FH will be paying for the honeymoon.

My plans so far include my niece as a Jr. bridesmaid in order to hold my bouquet during the ceremony, there will be no other attendants. Reception will be held in church hall and catered with heavy hors'douvers due to the ceremony being after lunch but before dinner, no DJ but reception background music on CD, no guest book something similar at reception, cake will be a sheet rum cake, table for gifts and another table to honor my deceased parents with pictures, etc. I will be making the bouquets and boutonniere and favors, we have yet to find an a la carte photographer to do the ceremony only. This is overwhelming...any additional ideas?

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if you haven't found where to get the flowers, Sam's is a great place, they have awesome prices for roses and all kinds of flowers year round. Their flowers are always beautiful and fresh. If your only playing music on a CD, i would recommend doing it rather from an ipod, or mp3. Otherwise you're going to have awkward silences between Cds. For your wedding favors, go to they have great little favors. If you would rather not spend much on favors, you can decorate your centerpieces really nice and have your guest take them home. I hope this was somewhat helpful, i think i might have more ideas. but tell me what kind of things you need, or are still looking for.

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Well, the other option we were leaning towards was having a private ceremony with my sister and one other person as our witness and then going straight to our honeymoon. The honeymoon resort has their own photographer and we can bring our wedding garb and have photos taken up there. After the honeymoon, we would wait a couple weeks and then send invites to everyone to attend our wedding reception. This way, much of the planning of the reception would not just be on me. Me and my new husband would be involved together and can plan in a more relaxed setting. We could then include our wedding photos at the reception along-side the dedication I was planning on doing for my parents. The above idea was my FH's because he says he is seeing the stress build. I am taking this on like it is a job and not enjoying any of it. I think it is also guilt on his part because he cannot help like most FH's.

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It's probably cheaper to have a friend take the photos and you can even by a nice camera, cheaper than a photographer would cost for good quality photos. For our favors, we are donating money to the American Cancer Society because my father died of brain cancer. On the programs, it will say "In lieu of favors, the Bride and Groom are making a monetary donation to American Cancer Society." If you want programs and invitations, you can print your own.

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Wether we decide to go with the traditional wedding or our second choice of having the private ceremony and the reception later, there will be no programs. I was curious as to how I would then announce to my guests that we are going to contribute to a non-profit in lieu of favors? Would I put that somewhere on the invite? Also, I lost both of my parents to cancer within 3 years time. I would also like ideas as to how to honor them at the reception other than a remembrance table.

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well, one way I am remembering my father is during the service one of my closest friends is going to sing a song that I recited at his funeral. (Never Alone by Lady Antebelum and Jim Brickman). I am also thinking about doing a slide show of me and him...but since you arnt having a DJ and probably dont have a screen I guess that Idea is out. Something that might be really sweet to do is to have a close friend of the family come up and say his/her favorite memory about your parents, and then invite whoever else wants to do the same. I am sure it will be VERY emotional but you never know what people remember...some will probably make you laugh and remember the best of times. Also, If you have your mothers wedding gown, I think hanging that where people could see it with your parents wedding picture would also be a very cool idea... just some thoughts

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I dont know where you are in Pa but I have found a photog. that is just doing the pics and I get a disk so I can have any pics I want. She is only charging 300 bucks thats for ceremony and reception. If your interested email me.
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