My hair will not hold a curl!!!
Hi all, I have extremely fine shoulder blade length hair. I can not get it to hold a curl for more than an hour, unless i want it crunchy. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep a curl without using a case of hair spray. I have even had it done professionally and it still will not hold. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Have you tried having it wet set?

Amy S.
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Don't style it when it's clean. Don't wash your hair for a day or two and see how it does. The natural oils in your hair will help it hold. =)

Hayley C™
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sleep in sponge curlers?

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My hair doesn't hold a curl well either; it's really heavy. My stylist tried 4 different curling methods at my hair trial. On me she's going to use a curling iron to curl small pieces at a time and set each of them with product before moving on to the next. Everything else fell out.

Maybe ask for a specific hair trial just to try out different curling methods? And if none of those work, try a wet set? Wet sets are great but depending on your hair can take a lot more time to set and heat/dry thoroughly.

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I've seriously tried everything. Flat irons, old-fashioned curlers you sleep in, hairspray, disgustingly dirty hair and nothing. My hair was just born to be straight. The ONLY thing that works for me is to cut half my hair off (because it's so heavy), but I'm not going to do that.

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I have the same problem in- but my stylist found a way to curl it really tight with a very small barrelled curling iron. Also, don't wash your hair the day of the wedding as the oils left behind will help.

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Same goes for my hair but I will agree with Linda... Try using small barrelled curling iron (1/2" is what I use if I want my curls to last for almost 2 days)
If I know I will have no time next day to do my hair, I will wash in the morning & dry it then curl it immediately with the 1/2" barrell & voillaaaa it stays curled for LONG time ... actually toooo curled but by 2nd day they are perfect

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I have the same problem. My hair isn't quite as long as yours but I am sure that if I let it grow it would REALLY not hold curl. Let me know what you find out because I am in the same boat as you!

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go to youtube and look up Daven Mayeda, he does a lot of hair tutorials and a few of them are on curls... I have hard to manage hair as well and I plan on buying some hot rods, and putting them in in the morning when I get up on my wedding day and not taking them out till right before I put on my dress and such so that I might be able to hold curl for more then maybe 30 mins

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The dirty hair trick is fine and dandy but the fact of the matter is hair has memory... once I've flat ironed my hair, that's it. Even if I haven't washed it for three days, not a chance it will hold a curl... Even if I blow dry it and then try to curl it.. nope. Won't work. SO my secret is to wash it in the evening, and go to be with it wet! Or just air dry it.. don't put ANY product in it.. just let it be. I swear by it. Works every time :)

Good luck!

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My hair doesn't hold curls until I tried a curl reacting spray. I wash at night and let it dry just like Christy R. Then in the AM brush out and heat my curling iron to the highest setting. Spray the curl reacting spray when I pull sections then curl with the iron set on the highest setting. It holds all day even into the night. Good luck

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OOOh lots of great suggestions. My hair is super fine and thin and does not hold curls either. @Christy.....You go to bed with your hair wet? Does that not leave you with the biggest bumps in your hair the next morning? I can never go to bed with wet hair unless i just want to re-wet it in the morning to get rid of the huge bumps i know my hair will have.

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My hair is the same way! Have you tried the roumnd brush, hair drier and rollers? It take a very long time because you have to start with wet hair blow dry it around the brush one piece at a time, then set it with hot roller and leave them in until they are completely cool! It works but theres a lot of work that goes into it!

Maggie N
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have you tried applying the kind of mousse you would to make it scrunchy, but then blowdrying it? My hairdresser said that for my wedding hair he would use super hold mousse THEN dry and curl.

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have you ever tried steam curlers by caruso?..i used to use these a long time ago and they work pretty good..i think i got them from sallys. I also use a small barrell curling iron and take a small section of hair and spray with hairspray first...also make sure your hair is completely dry before curling moisture in it will make it fall flat!

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In the case of extreme circumstance... maybe get a perm that week. It should hold at least for a few days, right? Though my FH has hair that won't hold even a perm, much to the envy of his siblings. lol

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if anything you can put your hair into soft curlers or into those velcro curlers while it's wet, and lightly spray it with hairspray and then let it dry that way...I know I used to have to do it this way when I was a kid and they usually stayed all through the day and part of the night...
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