My engagement ring was stolen....
So back in april my engagment ring was stolen out of my car whch was locked. I take my ring off at work because i am a mechanic and do not want to risk messing up 2 carats of everything i ever wanted. While i was at work someone broke into my car and stole my purse my ring broke the windows and all. So now we are in July and i still havent forgave myself for taking it off. To the point im actually considering posponing the wedding.... That was my dream ring, there is no way that we can afford another one, I dont know what to do... Any advise ladies please help my fh is ready is fall apart because of my behavior....

Married: 05/18/2012
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Is insurance not covering the ring? And you can't beat yourself up for it, you were doing the right thing before some scumbag with no respect screwed you over.

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What a horrible situation. Would it be possible to get something similar but fake for now and then just save up the money for your dream ring? I dont think a wedding should be postponed just because you dont have your dream ring. A wedding is about the love you two have for eachother the the commitment you are making. Not whats on your finger and how much it sparkles! Dont get me wrong I love my E-ring, and my wedding band, but they wouldnt postpone my wedding if they were lost/stolen.
Is stuff like that covered on your car insurance?

Married: 05/18/2012
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NO nothing was covered under insurance, i filed a report with the police and all and no luck. I just feel very irresponsible like i deserved it for taking it off. I cant even bare wearing something else thats the worse part!

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I'm so sorry that happened to you. But I'm with Glenn, what about insurance? (NEVERMIND - saw your last post)
And please stop blaming yourself. Someone I know left her jewelry at home in a place she thought was secure while she went away for the afternoon, and everything was stolen. Doors and windows locked, alarm on (useless), nothing she could have done, and nothing more you could have done.

I wouldn't postpone the wedding, though I know you are hurting. You've done everything you legally can to get it back, but I think it's time to forgive yourself, learn from it, and move on. I think it sounds like you don't want another e-ring because it will make it "official" that you aren't getting yours back. But eventually, you have to accept the situation.
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I take my ring off every time I go swimming, work in the garden, go backpacking, boating, and any other activity that i think i MIGHT lose, or damage it. It cost too much not to! Taking it off was the right thing to do, and it will be in the future when you get a new ring.
I guess my warranty covers any damage as long as i keep on on the 6 month inspections but Im still afraid. You didnt DESERVE anything. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
You dont have to wear a ring... could always do your vows without one.

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your stolen property would fall under your homeowners/renters insurance.. do you have that?

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Don't beat yourself're a mechanic, it's important you have it off at work. My dad lost a finger at work because he WAS wearing his wedding ring when he shouldn't have been.

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Aww so sorry that happened..besides the others' points above just wondering what you mean by your FH is about to fall apart because of your behavior? Do you just mean leaving it in the car or is this affecting you in a lot of ways..I would guess so since you'd postpone the wedding..well that d-bag may have gotten your ring, but don't let him alter your plans and your date..:Hugs!:

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I don't understand how your insurance isn't covering this- the ring itself was insured right? And on top of that, in an insured vehicle- this doesn't make sense. What did your agent say when you filed with them?

Married: 11/10/2012
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So sorry to hear that. Take a deep breath I know that ring was importabt to you but dont postpone the wedding. I hope you get it back or a new one.

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I know you're feeling down, but don't be too hard on yourself. I take my ring off to shower, cook, etc. I don't have to take it off while working, but I do take it off if I feel it will be damaged. You did the right thing. Like everyone has been saying, don't postpone your wedding. Move forward, and when you are ready find another ring to replace it.

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Just a word of advice.. when you get a new ring get insurance on it! Most agencies cover it. This way u dont have to worry about taking it off and if u lose it get it stolen or break it or a diamond they will fix or replace it. I pay $100 a year to cover my $8000 ring. So its compleatly inexpensive!

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Def. agree that Insurance should be taking care of this. It's not your fault- you were trying to keep the ring safe. Someone else messed up and that's not your fault at all.

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Call all the local pawn shops in the area. One of those pawn shop shows on TLC said they must report all jewelry to the police and are not able to try and sell it until the jewelry has cleared as not being stolen or part of an investigation. Maybe you will find it faster that way...

Please please please get insurance if you do decide to get a replacement. We use but if you have a mortgage, I think you can put it on your home insurance as well.

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I agree with Ruby call the local pawn shops. If it's that expensive, whoever stole it is going to pawn it. And the pawn shop has to return it to you.

And this is the exact reason my ring is cz and cost $100. I am forever losing EVERYTHING. I'd hate to have this massive rock on my finger and it come up missing or stolen. I'd feel awful.

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Ultimately, an engagement ring symbolizes that you are engaged--and you already are, even if the ring is gone. When you get married, you'll get a new ring. If you feel the lack of the engagement ring, you can just wait until you are in a position to afford it, and then get it for an anniversary or something. Don't postpone the whole marriage because you don't have the ring that symbolizes the promise of a marriage.

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I really like what 2nd bride said, never really thought of it that way but so true.

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I actually lost my ering... it was bought a little large and then with the weight I lost it just got too loose , I knew I need to have it sized and didn't , I still beat myself up over it . I have a stand in ring with FH Birthstone and will replace the ring after the wedding but I'd never postpone the wedding because of it. I think it might be sending the wrong message to your FH, as one of the ladies stated your marriage is not about the ring, its about the love you have for your FH and I would make sure that he knows it.

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agree with 2nd bride... =) she is full of good advice =) a ring is a ring, and SHOULDN'T be, more then an object. love is really all you need hun! Karma will get the creep that stole it though trust me =)
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My grandmother didn't get a diamond ring until their 25th wedding anniversary. They were still engaged and still were married (for 56 years).

Check the pawn shops and check with your insurance company (car and homeowners/renters).
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