My DIY Peacock Centerpieces!!! *Pics*
Hey girls!!

I got some more accomplished this week! The centerpieces are DONE. It took all night and most of this morning to get them cut, assembled, glittered and jeweled BUT they are done. They have a teal LED light inside of the arrangement which picks up the stalks and glittered branches in them. And when the lights go down in the hall it'll shine teal peacock shadows on the ceiling. It's gonna look so cool! :) What do you think?? I can't believe I only have a few days left!!!! EEK!

Married: 08/27/2011
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Couple more.

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Nice job! Are you having them on a pedestal so they don't obstruct people's view/communication when sitting at the table?

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they look cool but as Agata said they may obstruct ppls view pretty badly

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Nice, good job!

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The tables are really big and pretty high so people shouldn't have too much trouble seeing. The good thing about them is that I can just scrunch them together more if they're too wide. My aunt who helped me make them is going in the morning of the wedding to check out how they look on the tables and fix them accordingly :)

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LOVE them...SOOOOO pretty

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P.S Getting REALLY excited to see your wedding pictures!!!! I also picked a peacock theme and have fallen in LOVE with the theme.

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WOW....gorgeous!!! OMG love them! : )

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The centerpieces look great, I can't wait to see the pictures from your wedding.

Married: 03/03/2012
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They're gorgeous!! Awesome job I love them!!

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Those look great!! I am still struggling to finalize mine :(

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SOOOOO Pretty, Love them

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GORGEOUS!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE PICS!!! All your DIY projects are GORGEOUS!!!!!

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Beautiful! Great job! Good luck this weekend :)

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They turned out great. love em

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I hope you have a gorgeous wedding love!!! Wanted to tell you before you head off to married bliss land! Lots of love!

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Soooooo pretty! I can't wait to see how everything comes together. Only a few more days!!!!

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Definitely not my style, but I don't like peacocks like you do! That being said, I always caution against high centerpieces because then people can't talk to anyone who isn't sitting right next to them, it eliminates conversation across the table.
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