Mother/Daughter Songs
I'm searching for a mother/daughter song to dance with my mother instead of the father/daughter dance. I really wanted to do the Carrie Underwood song but my sister-in-law danced with her mother to that song last year. Does anyone know of any other nice songs from a daughter to a mother?

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I love the Carrie Underwood song. I would do it anyways but that's just me. What about "In my daughters eyes" by Martina McBride I believe. Or "Because you loved me" by Celine Dion
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My mom & I will be dancing to "In My Daughters Eyes" by Martina McBride. I let her pick it out.... she insisted on that song! I'm not a huge fan of country but that is a really good song. Definitely a tear jerker!!

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Wind Beneath My Wings

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This one has a country feel, but is SO amazingly well written. You HAVE to listen to the ending of it. It's called "Barbie Bandaids" by The Isaacs. Just give the whole song a listen once.

The bridge at the end says:

"Something borrowed, something blue,
Oh, but couldn't we have just a minute or two?
An hour or two?
A year or two?
All I know is you're ready, it's really time,
To watch you spread your wings and fly...
heaven knows I'm so proud of you,
but it hurts me too...
Seeing you grow before my eyes...
letting you go one barbie bandaid at a time..."

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I am going to share a song with you that i am actually going to use for my wedding. its a mother daughter song but makes me cry.. lol.. im too sensitive..its a great song i recommend
every mother's dream

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I am going to play the carrie underwood song just before the walk down , my mom is walking me down so i want her to be able to hear it.

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There are 2 great new mother daughter songs at "Every Mother's Dream" is from a mom to her daughter. "To Be a Woman" is from a daughter to her mom, thanking her for everything's she's done and everything she taught her daughter about being a woman.
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