Mother of the Bride, Groom, Step-Mother of the Groom - what are they wearing?
I am trying to find which stores carry mother of the _______ dresses. Any ideas? Also, I need advice on color; I am wearing ivory, my mom is wearing champagne, the bridesmaids are wearing marine (royal/navy blue), and the juniorbrides maid/flower girl is wearing kelly green (my colors are blue and green). What should the mothers of the groom wear?

These ladies are amped to shop, help me guide them ladies!!! Thank you :)

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Hayley C™
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I say..... light blue or periwinkle is my first choice. Other ideas purple, plum, wine, burgundy.... I would suggest yellow it goes nice with navy, orange is opposite blue, so it would be a big contrast but would "match."

current colors
idea with light blue
other colors

hope that posts in order

Hayley C™
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Depends on what style you want for a Mother dress... one that is a dress with a beaded jacket... or more of a brides maid looking dress. My mom is 55 and brought a bridesmaid dress. I also suggest Macy's, Nordstroms, Carson Pierre Scott.

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This is the dress my mother chose. She looks gorgeous in it! Dressbarn had TONS of dresses that are mother of the bride/groom appropriate. Maybe they can check there? Or at least look online and see if anything stands out?

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Pretty much any bridal shop carries mother's dresses (but be forewarned that they tend to cost double what BM dresses cost). You can also try department stores such as Macy's & JC Penney. My mom is actually leaning toward this BM dress from Alfred Angelo (we'd take a layer of tulle out of it). Some of her other favorite designers were LaPerle ( ) and Mary's Bridesmaids ( ). All of the Mary's ones come with a jacket and a purse.

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I can only imagine what my mother will be wearing. She used to be a witch for Halloween but has since retired that costume. This past Halloween she was a monk. FMIL will more than likely come as a witch. Our wedding is a goth/halloween theme wedding. Guests and wedding party alike will be encouraged to wear a costume of their choice.

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Personally, I found Mother of the Bride dresses to be boring and, well, frumpy. LOL!

I ended up getting mine at Nordstrom. My ex's wife also bought hers at Nordstrom. The Mother of the Groom bought hers at Ross Dress for Less.

We all went with a darker shade of blue than the bridal party, who were in Cornflower.

Honestly, you will want to have these ladies feel comfortable in the dress (or outfit, should they go with a pant outfit) they choose.

This is what I bought. The photo of the top of the dress (which has a beaded shawl) is the true color The bottom of the dress photo came out far too blue in this photo. LOL!!

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Whoops, make that, the photo of the bottom of the dress is true to color. *blush*

2d Bride
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This is what I wore as mother of the groom. The bridesmaids wore green, so the teal coordinated without duplicating.

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