Mother of the Bride Gift---Any Ideas??-Mrs. Carole M, don't look!
Hello everyone!

Hopefully my mom doesn't read this, but I need some good ideas for a nice personal gift to get my mom for our wedding...

Does anyone have any ideas?

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hmm...I have seen the quilts you can get made that has a poem about a mother on them and you could personalize it with your name.

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I've seen daughter/dad ideas. Double picture frame and on one side it's a picture of the daughter as a child with dad and on the other side it's the bride and mom. If you get a silver one you can engrave something on it.

Or an engraved jewelry box so everytime she puts her earrings away she will think of your special day.

Or maybe you can do a mom/daughter spa day and lunch. Just the 2 of you before all the chaos of a wedding.

Or write her a letter pointing out special things she did that she may not have ever realized affected you or some of your most special memories of you and her when you were little.

Hayley C™
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Hey Cate ~

She liked this "I'll always be your little girl" frame.

problem is the link has gone bad.

I did something similar for my dad. Got a 3 picture frame. Had it engraved.

- Picture on the left had my dad's favorite picture of the 2 of us.
- In the middle I had a personal handwritten note of my fondest childhood memories and thanked him for everything.
- On the Right I reserved (put) a picture of the two of dancing at the wedding.

lots of frames and vases on here that you can personalize - coupon codes on
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Search Etsy.. Ive seen several Thats where were ordering ours :)

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This link has some really nice hankies that you personalize. It has some really pretty mom poems and then you can put your wedding date on them. If I had a mom (like yours) I would probably do one for her. I am getting one for my daughter that will be serving as my FG.

Hayley C™
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Just the two of you going to get your nails done the day before?
Some daughter-mother time?

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I'm sooooo happy you asked that! I was starting to think what I'm going to buy my mom for our wedding which is next year. Hope you find something nice. Please let me know when you do....I may steal your idea as well. Good luck!!

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Hayley, yes I am going to take her to get her nails done and lunch the day before I believe! I wanted to do a pamper day too!

I love those frame ideas as well, she will like that! I want to get her all of this stuff becuase I wouldnt be able to do my wedding planning without her!

Ester C, Thank you! Yes the hankie is a great idea, and so is the jewelry! she will love that.

Stacy S, I am looking on etsy now, thank you!

Tiffany A, a quilt is great! She would love that too!

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We're giving each others' parents hankies that say "thank you for raising your daughter/son to be the wife/husband of my dreams" or something to that effect.

Then we're giving each of our parents a nice gift. My mom loves to travel so I'm giving her a Vera Bradley travel bag and matching luggage tag for her suitcase.

Our parents are all going above and beyond for our wedding, we wanted to get them each something they would love along with something sentimental.

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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since she likes to ride maybe a Bed & Breakfast Gift Certificate somewhere pretty.

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Marie S, thats an amazing idea!! It helps that you fabulous ladies know my mother! Thank you!

Kris S, I am going to get hankie's I believe, it's such a cute idea!

Hayley, I ordered the frame "Ill always be your little girl" last night! It is adorable... I am hoping its the same one she liked. Ill send you the link to make sure. Either way, since it says that, and then has the date i was born and Ill put a baby picture of me, and the date I am getting married and ill put a marriage picture in there, I think she will love it!

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Carole loves traveling. A few years ago I got the cutest little compass in a wooden turtle. Turtle has to do with my school affiliation, but the gift had the note that said "So that you always find your way home". I'm normally very much against trinkets, but this is one of my favorite things ever. So maybe something travel oriented with a cute message?

It looks very close to this:

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I am ordering clutch bags plum our colors and getting rhinestone broaches that say mother of the bride and mother of the groom to put on clutch bag,and personalized hankies to go with.I am also thinking about wraps for them not sure.Going to give to them at our dinner night before.

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