mother of the bride dress, should it match the bridesmaids?
my daughters colors are coral pink and sage green. she wants me to wear the same color, ugh!!! I don't like that color--she says I am suppose to match them. "its her wedding and I have no say in the matter to what I can wear. Help

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Mrs. C
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My shouldn't match. That was the opinion of the lady at our bridal shop as well. It should compliment. BUT it's her wedding :)

With my mom, I made suggestions, but let her pick her dress and color.
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I don't think there is a "supposed to" but if she would like you to match then I don't think it's worth trying to get out of it.

The Centerpiece Flowers

The Centerpiece Floral Design
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Depending on your complexion and coloring, these colors may drain you or make you look radiant. Colors like gold, brown, black, champagne, or even different tones/saturation levels of pink or green would probably work, but here's a site you can fool around with to create some good combos:
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The Centerpiece Flowers

The Centerpiece Floral Design
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I can't work out where this obsession with having guests (mom or not) match WP.

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No i dont think you should match. Mom of the bride is its own honor and you should get your own color

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i think that you should GO, but not MATCH. for example, my bridesmaids will be in "cyan" blue. So we decided that mothers should be in jewel tones. I think my mom is going to do purple. My mom is my mom, she is not my bridesmaid. She should stand out in my pics, not blend in!!!

Mrs. Castig
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I agree with the ladies, mother of the bride gets her own color and style. :)

Gamecock Mrs.
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My BM dresses are black with a dark red sash. My mom planned on going with charcoal or gun metal. Well the dress she loves comes in silver not charcoal. She doesn't think it's dark enough and is leaning towards getting black or possibly a similar color to the sashes. She loves black and has asked me several times if its okay for her to be in the same color as the maids. I think it's fine but I want HER to be comfortable. She will be In a gown rather than a cocktail dress. So it will be obvious that she is the MOB.

Maybe you can wear a complimentary color like others have said. Champagne would be beautiful with coral and sage.

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My opinion: Mostly, all ladies' dress should only have one same target which is make themselves looks beautiful but not overtake the bride's position. Same to all the bride's maid and mothers. The colors doesn't need to be the same as long as it stay in a same theme.

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My mom just ordered her dress today, and it is the same color as the bridesmaid dresses. That's what she wanted, and if she likes this dress best, I don't care if she is wearing the same color as my girls. Hers is long and the BMs are tea length & totally different so she'll still stand out as MOB.

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My mum will be walking me down the isle and she may end up matching (they will be dark blue) as it's a flattering colour and she actually really likes it herself :) Still a fair way off yet getting the dress, I just want her to feel comfortable and happy in it though so I wouldnt be bothered at all if she wanted to get a different colour to the WP

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I'm a MOB and my daughter's BM's are wearing different colors of red, purple, navy, black & jade and are tea length. I'm wearing smoke (pewter or gunmetal) and the MOG is in dusty rose both are long.
I don't know when this idea about matching the BM's developed but I've never seen it over many years and many weddings.
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