mother in laws and brother in laws that wont let go of batchelor and batchelortt partys
So I normal wouldnt call them my in laws but they are startting to be... My FH and I told his mother and brother that we didnt want any stripers at the partys and told them we want a jack and jill but they wont back down, we have given them another thought and that was the guys would go out to dinner and the girls would go out to dinner then meet up at his parents b/c the whole wedding party really dosent know each other so we thought this would be a good way of having them meet each other and know where the(con)

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Married: 07/10/2010
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(con) wedding would be and it would be fun.. we could have fire and drink and hang out but we told them they said they wouldnt do it but when we told everyone els they where up for it so please laidys please us fine a half way place for eveyone...
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This one comes under the don't sweat the small stuff heading, make your wishes known firmly and move on to the next item on the list. If they persist enlist the help of others husbands father comes to mind or an aunt , explain the situation to them and have them beat some sense into the slow learners. You want to stay away from arguments of this type and enjoy the process and planning.

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Hmm..I would just tell them that it would make you both very uncomfortable and that if either of you show up and there are strippers, you have no problem turning around and walking out. But, I'm kinda harsh like that. What does you MOH & Best Man think about it? If they understand what you want, I would have them plan the party/parties and just tell in-laws to show up and not worry about anything else.

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@ FMS,the barefoot bride!The MOH is 100% understands and the Best man wants it(its FH Bro) and we wouldnt have any promble leaving and they all know this all to well..
@glen I'm not sweatting it at all just airtated(sp) with them putting it..

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So just tell them that you are not having bachelor/bachelorette parties. You are having a barbeque (that you are paying for) with the guests that you invite. Let them know where your party will be taking place, tell them that they can feel free to skip the party and that they will be ordered to leave the party if a stripper shows up, and that you *will* call the police if a stripper shows up at the party. Not so hard at all.
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