morning after breakfast?
Hi everyone, so Im a new poster but have come here for inspiration a few times. I thought I would throw this question out there: Are you providing breakfast to the wedding guests the next day? The hotel we are going to doesn't do continental breakfast, but they have an onsite restaurant. All of our guests will be traveling the next day (its a pseudo-destination wedding being that its at least a couple hours drive from anyone), so no one will be hanging out for very long. We really aren't interested in having a gift opening that morning either so it would just be for good-byes.

I just feel bad that they are spending all the money on a hotel for the night and dont even get a bit to eat the next morning, but I really shouldn't spend the money to buy everyone a $10 breakfast at the hotel! There is a Dunkin Donuts nearby--I suppose I could provide my own continental breakfast for them :)
We can't decide so Im curious what anyone else is doing!
Thanks for any input!

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Hi Stacey.

Our wedding is six hours by car for the closest person. We are having breakfast for those staying at the resort with us the next day.

We are doing this because we can afford it, plain and simple. If we couldn't we wouldn't do it. Don't worry yourself about this. People are not coming to your wedding for the food. They are coming for you and your FH :)

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our hotel offered a breakfast but it wasn't free we did pay for the ones who were down when we were down there but if the guest came down after we left they were on their own i think it was like $7 a person or something

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Many of my daughter's guests are staying the night at the inn. However, breakfast is provided.

You could ask for a comp meeting room and set up your own continental breakfast. If you have a great many rooms booked and are having your wedding celebration there, I am sure the hotel would work with you. For a continental breakfast, you could bring pastries, fruit, juice and coffee/tea.

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I think if you can afford it then go ahead - me personally I'm not doing any breakfast because we can't afford it - if we could then we would...I know my hotel does offer breakfast but I think after providing my guests an open bar and cocktail with dinner they can get breakfast on their own if they want

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Thanks gals! Im glad to hear a variety of options are ok! I did not originally budget for it, so Im struggling to find the money. I guess Im just paranoid that people will leave starving and disgruntled and that will be their last impression of the wedding!

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Stacey....Chances are your guests have checked out the hotel's website and know that breakfast is not part of the package. I wouldn't worry about it.

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My mom had a breakfast at her house the next morning for all our OOT guests. I think if you provide donuts, bagels, OJ and some other little breakfast items you'd be fine and I'm sure your guests would greatly appreciate it.

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We do not have any OOT guests so we are just going to coordinate a brunch if anyone wants to join us. :)

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I don't blame you for not wanting to spend the $ on a brunch. I think setting up your own continental breakfast is a great idea if there is a space you can use. Even if it's just some coffee and bagels and munchkins, it's the gesture that counts and I'm sure your guests would appreciate it. But I definitely don't think you should feel obligated.

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Both of the hotels we have for OOT guests has a continential breakfast, so we don't have to worry about it.
If you are going to do a breakfast thing, I would put it on your website and if you are providing any additional info to your OOT guests when they arrive (i.e. info packet, OOT gift bags, etc), put it there also.
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