More from my 1920's vintage DIY wedding- Favors
We decided to make CD's of 1920's music, along with our first dance song & my ceremony entrance song. We also continued the theme of the skeleton keys & I found skeleton key bottle openers wholesale online!

I researched for weeks to find the perfect 1920's songs to go with our wedding. I made a few copies for the DJ to play during arrivals, prelude, ceremony, cocktail hour & dinner. I also made a playlist of my favorites & burned them onto the CD's for favors. Make sure you use good quality anti-skip CD's so people can play them in their cars!

I found brown kraft CD sleeves with windows (kraft to continue the theme), printed the outside song list labels, adding a skeleton key pic, and had a friend thats good with graphic design make the CD labels to look like mini vintage records. They came out so cute & I hope the guests like them! I also got large kraft jewelry boxes to put 1 of each in for each guest at their table setting, along with stretch loops for the boxes. More to follow..

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I'll post a pic of the finished boxes after the wedding. I also used the same tags that I had left over from the save-the-dates for the thank you tags. I printed "Thanks" on one side and some cute razzle-dazzle stuff on the other side. It all continued the theme from the STD's all the way through to the favors!

CD, and outer labels are from (my fave new site- every order arrived within a few days & they have no minimums & great prices & selection)

CD's were from staples with a coupon! CD sleeves are from a company called rebinder. They have minimum order requirements but I did find them on amazon with a package of 100 for a good price. They turned out really nice for DIY CD's. I wouldn't say they were super cheap for DIY but they weren't too bad and its something we really wanted to do.

We also purchased 100 skeleton key bottle openers to go with these in the favor boxes for everyone. I'll post about that in an extra comment cuz I'm running out of room... ha

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I researched for weeeeeeks to find the skeleton key bottle openers! So hopefully I'm saving other brides the trouble!! They really do range in price everywhere from a little over $1 to $4 for the same exact ones!!
I found mine at pricewisefavors. It was about $155 for 100 of them- about 1.55 each including shipping. I found cheaper prices at 1 or 2 other sites, but then they add on shipping & its way more. I have to say that these were way better quality than I thought- I really wasn't sure what to expect but took the chance. They are nice size- bigger than I thought, came nicely wrapped in a cute little box with a white ribbon and a little thank you tag already attached. I personally didn't use the thank you tag since I made my own so I cut them off. But if you use them it saves a step. They arrived in about a week & they let you pay with Paypal- which definitley made me feel a lot better about buying from a company I haven't used before. Really happy with them!

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sample of our cd- changed names for web

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I really like your idea for CD of 20's music and Love the Vintage Record graphic. Can I download the graphic somehow of could you send to me through email? Thank you.
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