money: How much money is approrpriate to give the bride/groom for a wedding gift??
I normally give $200 per couple (or $100 if single). However I think anywhere from $150-$200 (per couple) is appropriate (depending on your relationship with the couple) I have heard alot of DIFFERENT views. Please let me know all your thoughts!! Thank You,

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Just Reenski
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Whatever you feel comfortable giving, even if that is a gift instead of money.

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I think it depends on a lot of factors.
As a poor just out of collage student trying to pay for a wedding on our own I would love if people gave me $200, but I could maybe afford $50- and that is only if we are close. If not maybe $20-$30. But I normally give a gift, not money, for the exact reason that I cannot afford to give a lot.

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I think Emily post says it best "Let your affection for the bride and groom and your budget be your guide."

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Whatever you, the guest, can afford or feels like giving. I'm not someone who feels like it's a competition or that giving more means you're closer or whatever, so max I give is $100. We're just starting out, so it's not like we have lots of extra cash to give away, and while I understand the spirit of giving I don't intend to give more than I know I can without sacrificing the ability to pay a bill. $100 is a lot when you're only making $1200-1500 a month.

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When I attended weddings alone as a broke grad student/postgrad, I gave a nice card and a small sentimental/inexpensive gift, like a framed copy of their invitation or vows or something. After I wasn't broke anymore, I gave whatever I felt like giving, from $50 for a more casual wedding or casual acquaintance, to $150 for a closer friend. When H and I attend a wedding together we usually give around $250 or so, give or take. If we couldn't afford that, we wouldn't give it based on some arbitrary rule.

Just give whatever you can afford and want to give, even if it's not cash, like Reenski said.

BTW - when we opened our cards, the checks we received ranged from $30 to $1000, and we are equally grateful for all of them.
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wow you all have wealthy friends. We had around 110 guests, all at different wealth status...but our checks varied from $25 to $250 being the most. I was grateful for all of them. But man i would have been jumping for joy and giving a huge hug if i had recieved a $1000 check like Kris did.

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We got a $500 check from his grandma at our JOP, but that's because she keeps saying she won't live too much longer so she has to give what she can now lmao. We were grateful but definitely did not expect it.

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Yep.......that big check we got was along those lines too, Pan.

Some of it is a cultural thing, it doesn't really have anything to do with wealth. H's family tends to give each other really big gifts, sometimes bigger than they can afford. Whereas, my family gives more modest gifts and sometimes none at all.

Carrie's advice is good. I would just go with that, don't try to follow a rule when it comes to gift giving.

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I typically give anywhere from 100 - 250 depending on how close we are.

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I usually give 100 dollars per person at weddings I attend. So if I attend by myself, 100. If I attend with a guest 200.

For our wedding, we received anywhere from 50 to 500 dollars from each social unit. Most of ours averaged around 50-100 coming from each person. However a couple of the 50 dollar gifts came from families of 4 or 5, while some came out to 150-175 per person.

It really depends on the individual person and their own financial situation (and sometimes also your relationship with them). I know it sounds cliche, but we are most thankful that our guests made the effort to come to our wedding (pretty much all had to travel 1.5 hours, give or take) and celebrate with us. Any additional gift is considered generous.

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It's interesting to see the differences among regions. We don't have 'poor' friends and family by any means, but we just don't give that much at weddings.
Our checks ranged from $20-$200. There was only one $200 check from an uncle of mine. There were probably 4 or 5 $100 and $50 checks. The rest were in that $20-$30 range.
I generally give a gift. If I can't find something I like (or don't have the time), I'll give cash: usually around $40.

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I think it really depends on what you can afford. I typically give $50-100

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It depends on how well we know the couple. We've never given less than $200. For our own wedding people were extremely generous. We got quite a few $1000 plus checks. Considering we didn't register for (nor want) any gifts, I didn't know what to do with the winfall. Actually tried to give some of it back:) the expression on my face when I opened a card and $2000 in cash fell out was priceless:)

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I generally try to purchase something from the registry that will be useful (my go-to gift is a spice rack, since I cook for all my friends), as well as a gift for the bride at her shower. If there is no registry and I must give money, I guess it's usually around $100, now that I can afford it.

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We usually give $40-$50, depending on what we have available. I also usually include a lottery ticket.

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Oh I love the lottery ticket idea!

FH and I give depending on our relationship with the couple.
For the destination wedding on which we spent $2500 , we didn't give anything beyond that.

I guess our minimum would be $250...

It's really about what you can afford AND want to give!

We'll take anything but prefer not to get cash, we really don't need it.

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I do exactly like you $200 or $100

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We give $100 per person, so $200 for the happy couple. Unless my daughter is invited then we throw in an extra $50. If there is a son or daughter involved in the wedding we usually give them a little something too like a Toys R Us gift card.

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Usually I give $75 to $100 if I give cash (each of course) That said for friends whom I could not afford that I spend hundreds of hours collecting photos, sayings and momentos of their relationship so I could make them a scrapbook of their lifes together and apart up until the wedding. (total cost probably around $50) and tonnes and tonnes of time.
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