Money Dance
Hey, I am doing the money dance at my wedding and I'm looking for fun upbeat rap/hip hop type songs that are about money. Any ideas?

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Um, yeah- that's realy innappropriate. Guests want to slow dance with you, not get jiggy with it.

And the only "money songs" that come to mind-

Golddigger by Kanye
Moneymaker by Ludacris
My Love Don't Cost a Thing- J-Lo

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Um yeah...I won't be dancing inappropriately with any guests. I just wanted something upbeat. Us and our guests aren't boring and like to have fun. A money dance isn't serious.

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Lol the hiphop money dance made me think of this.

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I don't think she meant inappropriate dancing, just that your guests might like some one on one conversation for a minute and it may be harder to do that with a more fast paced song. I've never seen a dollar dance done to upbeat faster tempo music but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work. If you don't think it would offend your guests go for it. As far as songs go, I really haven't a clue. I do love Kanye though lol

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Seriously though I had very little one-on-one time with most of my guests and suggest finding a slower song so that you can use that time alone with them to talk and spend time enjoying them.

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Oh, I do have one...but it isn't rap or hip hop... Money talks :)

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All those songs would work - but maybe you can play that leading up to the Dollar Dance, then switch over to something else slower?

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I've seen money dances to faster tempo songs, actually I haven't seen a slow one in ages.

For the Love of Money -The O'Jays
Money -Pink Floyd
Money (That's what I want)
Take the Money and Run -Steve Miller Band
With a Little Help from my Friends -The Beatles

And yeah, I love Kanye too!

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