Mom escort?
I am filling out the paperwork for my venue and there is some stuff on here that I am unfamiliar with. I am familiar with the father of the bride escorting the bride down the aisle, but does the mother of the bride get escorted by someone?

Are you having your mother walk down the aisle? If so, is she alone? If she's escorted, by whom?

Thanks ladies!

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Usually, the Mother of the Bride is escorted down the aisle by one of the Groomsmen. Another Groomsmen should escort the Mother of the Groom.

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There will be no mother of the groom. So one of the groomsmen doesnt start at the front and escorts the mother down and then joins the guys?

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I've seen weddings where the mother and father walk the bride and the groom down the aisle. So, first groom and parents walk down. Last bride and parents walk down.

Amy "Been here too long" W.
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We don't have a MOG either and are having my nephews (who are also the ushers) escort my Mother. All of their parents are in the BP and my mom wants them to sit with her.
My brother, who is also a GM, will be escorting our grandmom down the aisle. Since she will be escorted first, he will just start out at the back with her then take his place up front.
The MOB goes before the bridesmaids, so I would say to just have her escort stay in the back, then take his spot.

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We do not have any family in the bridal party. And now Amy"..." W just brought up the grandmother of the groom. Does she also get escorted? Crap, we are less than a week away.
Can these people walk alone?
Do they really always walk?

I guess I never noticed?

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Does it have to be a groomsman that walks them out?

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It does not need to be a groomsman that walks the MOB down the aisle.

Typically, a groomsman will walk the MOB down the aisle and then go back up the aisle and join the other men. Then, the men walk into the ceremony room. At that time, the BM (of there are any) and the Bride enter.
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How about having your moms walk down together? I had several couples do that and I thought it was really sweet.

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Also, the grandparents do not need to be escorted. They can be, if you choose, but typically they take their seats when they choose, prior to the entrance of the MOB and the bridal party.
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