MOH Horror Story
When my daughter announced that she was getting married, her friends were so happy for her. She asked three of them to be her attendants. Two of the ladies she works with. The third, the MOH, used to work with them, but moved to Texas.

Everything was going great and we were all chatting back and forth via email and Facebook.

Then the shower was discussed. My ex husbands wife asked my opinion on flying the MOH here for the shower as a surprise. They would pay for the airfare and the MOH would stay with her own parents while here. Sounded great.

Well, as time went on, this little chickie doodle could not commit to the tickets. She came up with the idea that she could fly up here in June for the shower and then stay for the wedding the end of July.

That changed the scope of the offer, so my ex and his wife offered to pay half of her airfare, up to $300 (since she was going to come up for the wedding in the first place.) The MOH went ballistic....(continued)

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Married: 07/24/2010
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she was so upset that they would not pay her total airfare.

Then, get this, she decides that she will come up here along with both of her daughters and asks for one-way tickets home for all three of them! That amounted to close to $700!

All the while, she kept telling all of us (not my daughter) that if we didn't pay her way, she would let the cat out of the bag to our daughter. So, I called her bluff, told my daughter what was going on and now there is a new MOH.

Moral of the story, do not blackmail parents of your friends. LOL! Oh, and my ex and his wife had paid for her dress...fortunately, the dress was in my closet, so the new MOH was able to return it and get one in her size.

And, get this, the first MOH and her entire family have now decided that all four of them are coming here for the entire month, covering the wedding dates. *sigh*

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You just have to love people who are hellbent on getting something for nothing.

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Wow. Weddings really make people insane!

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So the ex MOH and her family are still invited to the wedding?
Wow, talk about trying to take advantage!

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Sounds like a leech to me, no offense. I'm sorry that she's having to go through that but it's better found out now than later. I just can't imagine someone expecting 700 dollars to be given to them. You're an adult, you pay for your own crap. End of story. She's lucky your ex even offered half. That's half more than most people would pay. I'm on fire from this post lol I just can't believe how people expect to be taken care of. Glad your daughter replaced her!

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That's so crazy. I can't believe people like this really exist.

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She wanted your ex and ex-in-law to pay for part of her family vacation. the Balls...Glad your daughter has a new MOH.

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JJ, No she is not invited to the wedding. But she and her family plan to come up here and visit at the same time. Hopefully, they will not crash the wedding.

Yep, pretty nervy of this "girl". She is 30 years old, she should know better. But some people just seem to think that other people need to pay their way. She saw all of us as a gravy train, as we do have more money than she is used to in her family setting. Oy!

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wow, that is just horrible. Simply horrible.

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Lol @ Erin...Weddings do make people go CRAZY!

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Kathy I know I saw another post here about a bride hiring security to keep someone out of the wedding, you might be able to look into that if you're concerned about her crashing the wedding.

and that is crazy - We aren't inviting an aunt on my side because she is so immature like that too, except she's pushing 40 and has 4 kids and she went to christmas and when she saw that someone got something and she didnt. she asked for the gift she gave her mom back and got into a hissy fit and left.

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Krystal, we have sort of thought of that. We'll be fine, security of my friends, a guest, will be an off-duty Deputy Sheriff. And my daughters FH used to work at local music clubs, so two of his guests are bouncers. LOL!

I just hope this chicklet doesn't try to show up....I don't think she will....but just in case, we'll be ready. ;-)

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Me too, LovelyQ. The three of us debated how to best handle it and decided that she needed to know what was going on. We just had this feeling that no matter what, the original MOH was going to end up backing out at the last minute.

My daughter was livid that her friend would try to take money from us and then try to blackmail us. The woman actually emailed me at one point and told me that she was not going to feel guilty by having someone else pay her way! She said that. She barked up the wrong tree. LOL!

To top it off, she never said thank you for paying for her dress. When I pointed out the fact that my ex and his wife paid for her dress, her response was, "Yes, I know that. I am tired of being reminded of it." Sheesh.


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there are too many people who want people to foot the bill for them. Age doesn't matter. My siblings and I have to deal with this too often. It's one thing to do something nice for someone cause it's in your nature but it's another thing when people feel this sense of entitlement. Like you have to do something for them. And unfortunately they never learn. The individual I have to deal with, with a long handled spoon is almost 60 years old. So they never grow out of it. And you did the right thing totally. When you let them know where you stand they are left without a leg to stand on. And I feel that they will try to come to the wedding so I'm glad that you are prepared. for if she's like the woman I know then the will indeed crash and be loud and raucous about it.
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