Mock up of centerpieces
This is the mock up of the main centerpiece for my tables. I will add maybe some votives to scatter down the tables since they will be six foot long tables. I also got a deal for linen table cover for ten bucks a piece for 60x102 ft at walmart in the clearance isle. If you think something would let look better on it or off it feel free to let me know. Im still in the rough draft of it. Thanks.

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Hayley C™
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Did they come with pebbles and you replaced them with the clear stones?

I really liked them when you posted the link when you first bought them.
I got to be honest, I don't really like the changes you made.

I think the clear water looked better than the blue. I thought the pebbles were a great look for a fountain. The birds look a little weird (could be how they are photographing) and I'm sorry the roses (stems) just look too fake for my taste.

An idea... get some vases (& glass votives?)
Pop the buds off the rose. Put you clear rocks in the bottom of the vase. Weigh the rose down with some fishing wire and washers? They will lay flat under the rocks. Candle up top. You can add some votives around too.

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i think the blue water is okay. but i think you need to do either the birds or the flowers. not both. i think it is just all a little too much. i dont mind the fake look of the flowers but i think the birds are a little over the top. maybe if they were just plain birds instead of "bride & groom" birds. that seems like it should be a cake topper, not on a bunch of centerpieces. i like the whole fountain thing tho. it is very cute!

i love hayleys last suggestion with they two submerged roses. they fountain is pretty enough to stand on it own. i think you can keep the blue water tho. and i like the stones you put in it.


Orchid Events NYC
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What is your wedding theme, I am not excited about the centerpiece. What is the height of the current centerpiece. It will look very plain and the blue water on the pics will just look dirty. Email me with your theme and i can mock up something free for you free of charge. and email you how to guide. Enjoy your planning :)
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