Mini Bride?
I've never seen this personally and honestly find the concept a little strange... possibly it's a regional thing? I've seen it now on 4 Weddings and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and I'm hoping someone can explain it. I'd love to understand! What is it exactly? Why do people have one? Are you going to have one?

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On my big fat gypsy wedding it's a tradition that the younger sisters dress as brides too. as far as i know it's just because they see marriage as their future for traveler women. they grow up planning this big thing. At least that's what Ive learned from that darned show XD beyond that i dunno!

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Don't look at ANYTHING you see on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and think it's normal...

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OMG, you watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and NOW think that is normal? WTF? Truly, stop watching that show as anything other than a farce.

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Don't be silly... I don't think it's normal, I think it's STRANGE... but I do know that people in the US have done it too... I'm trying to actually understand it which is why I'm asking. I like to actually learn about things that I don't necessarily agree with. It's why I loved watching Sister Wives and really respect them as people and as a family even though I don't personally want them myself.

This is EXACTLY what people have talked about recently with people jumping down other brides' throats here...

Don't freak out because I'm trying to understand something I know nothing about.

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It's more for the cuteness factor, my neice, the FG in our wedding, tried on dresses with me and she wanted to look just like me in my dress, so she's getting one that looks like mine... and her hair piece thing is going to have ribbons to look like a veil kind of.

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Hm, I have seen that on shows before....I'm not sure what it's all about, but I agree with Christin B. they make my dress in a flower girl version, almost exactly the same just adorably tiny.

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I am having a "mini bride" if that's what you call them, all the weddings i have seen in PR of course they always have them...a little girl and a little boy dress like the bride and groom...i am not sure if there is a meaning behind it but if there was one it got lost...we do it for the cuteness factor just like Christin B. said...there is nothing wrong with it...its more for fun that anything....

I personally was a "mini bride" twice when i was a child....its no big deal, either you want it or not...

Hope that helps.... and Sarah i think is great that you are interested and open to learn new keep doing that....

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I saw a mini bride (and groom!) in a Vietnamese wedding before. It was so cute! I didn't ask if that was part of a custom, but it was adorable.

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From what I could find so far on google. Mini or junior brides are usually, the daughter or a girl, the bride or groom, wants to be in the bridal party but she is just not old enough to be a bridesmaid but too old to be a flower girl.

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Here is a response on yahoo:

Mini-brides and grooms are miniture Bride and Groom. They can wear a dress as a flower girl, but they do not throw flowers. But they can be the same age or younger. It's more for show, especially if you have kids you want to be in the wedding, and dont' know where to put them. Sometimes mini-brides are called princess, and in a lil carrage or wheel barrow and being pulled by the mini-groom if possible, or they walk down the aisle together. The mini bride doesn't have to wear a veil at all. It's a cultural thing. A lot of Jamaicans, Hispanics and Romanians do it. I think there's other cultures too.

I hope this helps some.
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I officiated a Hispanic wedding where, in addition to flower girl & ring bearer, there was a mini-bride and a mini-groom. And a whole bunch of bridesmaids!
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I have done over 500 weddings and I have never seen this happen. I personally think it's a little creepy and if your particular group of guests is not used to seeing this, I think they will too. (and I'm not jumping down your throat)

It's a day about you and your husband; why would you want to draw that attention away from you with a ritual that is basically meaningless in your cultural/ethnic background?

Beth G
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My flowergirl (daughter) will be a miniature bride with a gown in white and my son (ringbearer) will be dressed like FH!

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Those Gypsy weddings are..ummm..weird? (for a lack of a better word) No Offense though.

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It's a cultural thing, just because you do not have it in your culture does not make it creepy, strange, weird or not normal as many of you stated, every culture has their own traditions and things that might be meaningless to you, the only thing you need to do is NOT DO them. I've seen many things that are done in different weddings based on culture, I may not understand it but that definitely does not make it "not normal"...

It's mostly a carribbean and hispanic traditions I believe, every weddings I've attended mostly Haitian, Hispanics and Jamaicans, there was always one. Doddie nailed it with her answer as far as the reasons behind it, I personally we'll be having them, FH's little brother will be his mini-groom and my little cousin will be the mini bride. I can't wait to see them. Those two are the kids dearest to us and we want them to portray us, I think I explain this a while back in a pp. They are too old to be flower girl and we have no rings so no ring bearer for us.

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Is there a difference between a mini and a junior bride?

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i dont know about a mini bride but isnt it really the same as haing flower girls in similar dresses???!!!

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@Celia, two kids will never outstage you on your wedding day, NEVER, if that was the case then no one would ever have ring bearers or flower girls, kids are made to be cute especially when they're all dressed up, just saying, lol

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@mychal b. what I can find so far indicates they are the same.
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Ring bearers and flower girls are different....they are there to serve the couple, not mimic them. I stick with creepy.
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