Mickey and Minnie theme wedding
Does anyone have any ideas for mickey and minnie wedding themed weddings? Invitations, centerpieces, favors.

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My friend did a little of this at her wedding. They had M M crystal flutes, cake cutters and subtle decorations on the cake. She had a three tier white cake with swirls in the shape of Mickey ears in white. Perhaps you could use vintage pic of them as table number designs. There's always the cake topper. Maybe you could incorporate their patterns or colors.. you know Minnie's polka dot dress. Um...

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I went on Ebay, and found this. There is a lot of mickey and minnie themed wedding stuff.

I tried to post the link, but it didnt work. So, I typed in minnie and mickey wedding on ebay in the search bar. And tons of things came up. I hope this helps!

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Hayley C™
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Hi Lora Jane
You could always do hidden mickey's too... and not be so literal. Unless Mickey and Minnie figurines is what you are looking for.
Can't wait to hear what path you plan on taking
Congrats and welcome to WW

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I used to work at DW and what a magical time it was for me!! YOur wedding will be extra special!! For wedding favors it would be so yummy and awesome if you made your own rice krispie treats!! i made them for my family on Christmas and people loved them! the picture is not mine, but it gives you a great idea of what you can do!! I bought a mickey mouse cookie cutter, dipped the ears in chocolate and sprinkled with colorful sprinkles.

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omg, red, white and black M&Ms with your initials would make adorable favors!

my friend did a disneyland theme and they had foam balls in the shape of he mickey mouse head that were painted blue, they were cute.. :)

And btw, that cake above with the polka dots and mickey mouse top is AWESOME!!
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You can mail Mickey & Minnie an invitation to your wedding or announcement if it has already passed and they will send you some very cool stuff.
Hi All...here is a blog post with more addresses and more stars:)

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