Meaning of the "cake"!!
So, I am getting a very big education on wedding traditions while planning my wedding. Was wondering what is behind the cake, and cake cutting. Had to laugh when I read this:

During early Roman times, the wedding cake was more like rolls made of wheat and barley, both symbols of prosperity. These rolls were thrown at the bride as a way to wish her the best in her marriage. It wasn't until later in the Roman era that the rolls became a single cake. The groom would eat a slice of cake and then break the remainder of it on his wife's head, an act also tied to good luck and fertility.

Glad we have evolved from this! :)

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If my FH broke our cake on my head during the wedding.....
OH I'd be pissed. I am SOO glad we've evolved from that!

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LMAO that is too funny, I am so glad they still do not do this ;-)

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haha well it's evolved from breaking on the head to smashing on the face. Not sure if that's much of an improvement :p

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I am cutting out a lot of "traditional" things and people ask me all the time why? and so my response to them is why do it? and you know the answer is usually all the same "because it's tradition" well sometimes doing something for "tradition" just doesn't make sense!! LOL. I am debating the cake thing... our venue is providing dinner and "dessert" which includes red velvet cake, which is what we would of got anyways. So thinking of different alternatives... just was wondering what the tradition behind the cake was.

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Ha @ Carrie, you putting it that way about smashing on the face, makes me realize we haven't evolved as much as I thought! LOL

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That's funny. I totally agree with Carrie :)

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This made me smile-- told FH and now he thinks its a 'great' idea!
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Wow, I love this! Thank you! I know one thing, had Frank thrown a roll at me, I would have had to kick his butt on our wedding day. If he smashed cake in my hair, we would be divorced.
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