Mason Jars/Lanterns/3 Tier Stand
I just received the new Pottery Barn catalog and saw these and thought they were adorable for anyone who's doing a country wedding. These mason jar drink glasses have handles, they even have the matching drink dispenser. And the selection of lanterns to choose from, one of the largest that I've seen in one place. This galvanized 3 tier stand would be perfect if you're using cupcakes, but even the way they have with flowers on it is super cute.
I know the Pottery Barn is a bit on the pricey side, so it's probably not for someone who's not on super tight budget, but it's still a super cute idea. Just thought I'd pass this on.

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Yea I went into Pottery Barn and they had the whole set-up with the mason jars and drink dispensers. For those wanting the same look on a budget Ikea had some good lanterns and also Walmart, Ace hardware and KMart sells mason jars.
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