mason jars at dollar tree:))
I know mason jars are very popular and can be a little expensive, well dollar tree now has them:))

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They're actually cheaper at Walmart!

87 cents a piece vs. a dollar a piece at Dollar Tree :)
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anyone who wants them who is in NJ? I have 247 of them, mostly with the wire closures. They will need to be cleaned but they are here for the taking.

Email me at This is one of my freecycle friends, and she also has a bunch of baskets and some vases, etc. Pickup in Hillsdale. All free.

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yay to less expensive:))))

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@ Celia- I can definitely use some mason jars and baskets, please let me know if available, when can I pick up? thank you

Pink Bride
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What kind of vases does she have, Celia? Are they the cylinder vases?

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oh thats cool. just make sure you cant get them cheaper buying them in a pack somewhere else like walmart

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I got them on Ebay cheaper!! Watch for deals :) Good info though!
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