Mason jar centerpieces??
I'm think about using mason jars for centerpieces, mainly bc my mom told me my grandmother had a ton of them and they would be free lol. I've put a few things together, but I just don't seem to like anything I come up with. Any ideas or suggestions?

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I love the mason jars thing! I am having a few surrounding our vase in the middle of the table, as part of the center piece. I will be putting pictures of my FH and I and our families and our engagement pics, along with some flowers. I love it! I've seen some people put little candles in them.

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I thought this was cute for an outdoor reception.....???? Thought it was cute and very easy!!

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We're having a rustic/elegant/vintage sort of vibe (yeah, still working the theme out..). I"m thinking of wrapping twine or burlap around mason jars, filling with fresh wildflowers that match our color theme, and using them along with some other vintage flair --- a small stack of old books, a tall vase or mason jar filled with lemons or lavender....
I'd suggest googling 'rustic' wedding or 'barn' wedding to get some image ideas of what other couples have done -- is a great source :)
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Put candles in them or white tiny christmas tree lights

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My FSIL used mason jars at her wedding. She had a beverage dispenser (pic) in the center of each table filled with a harvest themed punch. She had half pint sized mason jars at every table setting to use as a cup for the punch. She tied a small paper leaf around the rim of each jar with the guests name on it as a seating card. It was really cute, may not be what your looking for but it was functional and adorable!

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At my friend's reception, she used them filled with flowers. Her table was one long table in a winery loft and it was beautiful. She interchanged between having one Mason jar with flowers and candles.

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I think that's a great idea!

Ole McDonald Had A Beach
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Future Mrs. Cooper is using mason jars!!!!

Kimi k.
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LOL! Haha! My WW buddy rocks!!! HOW did you remember that!?

Kimi k.
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These are my inspiration:

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Mason jars are awesome! I am using them as well! I am having flowers in mine and instead of water I am using this gell stuff. And at night I have one of my BM placing LED lights in them!
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