Mason Jar Centerpieces
I need some creative ideas for our country/rustic wedding. Thanks!

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That's what I'm using for my outdoor bbq
5 Sunflowers with Lilly grass and raffia wrapped around the mouth of the mason jars. Let me try to find my link (the flowers used when I tested it where just yellow flowers, not Sunflowers).
Another fun idea, I couldn't find a decent chalkboard so I went to AC Moore and bought black foam board and white paint marker and wrote on that like it was a chalkboard. You can then take an old picture frame and to put the foamboard in to give it more character! :)

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Celadon & Celery Events

Celadon & Celery Events
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For a recent wedding, the bride wanted rustic vintage feel. We used hydrangea and accented the jars with ribbon & lace.

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We are using wild flowers (ivory, purples, oranges, greens, yellows) in mason jars. I am wrapping the jar in ivory lace and tied an orange ribbon around it (Our colors are purple and orange)

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Here's what we did for my best friend's wedding
1st Pic: whole centerpiece
2nd Pic: Close up view

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Check out my inspiration boards I have all kinds of rustic ideas… I’m going for rustic elegance. I wasn’t crazy over the thought of Mason jars because I thought they were overdone. But then I found this and fell in love! You add vegetable oil into a mason jar and then add a picture (I think black and white would look best) the oil gives it an antique feel. You can also add tried herbs and flowers into the oil.

*It's not letting me upload a pic at
this time... Just go to my boards. It's under "center pieces" and its the top left corner, the mason jar with yellow and a picture. I hope you love it as much as I do!
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We're using mason jars in our centerpieces, but I'm giving my florist free reign to do what she wants, so ask me again in two weeks!

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here's a pic of our mason jar centerpieces.. we did sunflowers and wheat in a large mason jar, then sand and a candle in the smaller mason jar

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I am using mason jars as candle holders in addition to the other items. I just filled them about 1/4 with river stones and put the candle on top. Simple but we have framed menus, pumpkins, and vases with tall branches, etc in them

Nicole K.

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You can always use natural elements as decor.

Mrs. S To Be
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These are my aisle decorations, will hang from the chairs... They will be filled with lime green buttons, green hydrangea, dark pink roses and dark pink alstromeria.

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here is my centerpieces we used for my bridal shower

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