Mashed Potato Bar
Have any of you heard of this? Its basically a buffet in which you only get mashed potatoes and toppings. I think we're having a plated meal, but my venue offers the potato bar as an add on. We go to the tasting next week and I'll discuss pricing with them there, but I wanted a heads up. How much would you expect to pay per person for a mashed potato bar? Did any of you do this or something similar? How much did you spend? (Sadly my venue is a hotel so I can't DIY. Everything catered must go through them)

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I've seen them at corporate events as part of a station style buffet. Personally I love them! The space at our venue isn't really set up for an extra station so we aren't doing it, hope the price is right!

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My sister had this at her wedding! It was great!!!!

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Our caterer offers this and a mac and cheese bar too. It totally does not go with our menu, but as a guest I would love it.

Could be really awesome as a late night snack? I have no idea on prices, since we didn't go for it I can't remember how much it was.

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As a guest, I would LOVE it haha. Sorry I can't be of any help on the pricing or anything though ;]

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I saw this at a bridal expo and LOVED it - it was amazing! Who doesn't love loaded mashed potatoes!

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If your meal is plated, a potato buffet would be awkward - guests can sit at their tables for their whole meal, but would they really want to get up to get mashed potatoes?

I've seen it done (very successfully) with a buffet or more reception-style food - they had a big variety of food stations (carving, pasta, veggie...). I think if you want to do it, go for it! But change your menu to be a buffet or reception style so it won't seem out of place.

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I have heard of it & LOVE the idea! I love mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fried potatoes, I love potatoes :-)

Seriously I am having a buffet style reception and mashed potatoes are on the menu & I considered having a small mashed potato bar.

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We have the mashed potato bar. Mostly people get it when having stations. It might be good as part of the cocktail hour if you do smaller glasses/bowls.

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We are doing it. We are having a barbeque buffet, and mashed potatoes were one of our sides, and the caterer suggested doing it as a mashed potato bar, and we thought it was a pretty cool idea. I will have to get back to you on how much we are paying per person, I have the price breakdown at home.

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My venue offers this as well! We are taking them up on it because it's my oldest daughters' FAVORITE food! :) They serve the mashed potatoes in a champagne goblet which I think classes the whole idea up a bit :)

Edit to add:
My venue is charging $4/pp extra
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I went to a wedding where they had one of these and it was a smash hit.

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I am doing this at my reception! I love the idea! One thing I loved is that we are doing mashed sweet potatoes too, so there will be two options. Just thought I'd throw out the sweet potato idea too in case you hadn't thought about it. I had never heard of it until talking with my caterer. My caterer has not given me the breakdown pricing on my food yet, so I am not sure how much it is.

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Thanks all

@Ashley - We decided with the plated meal b/c its a lot cheaper than buffet. I thought the potato bar could be a way to get people up and mingling. Hmmm...didn't even think about it being out of place. Thanks for bringing that up. We'll consider that.

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@Antsy, if you're doing a plated meal, I would do the mashed potato bar either during cocktail hour, or as a late night snack.

Now I want mashed potatoes dangit!

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FH would love this especially since he request I cook potatoes 5/7 nights a week. I personally and a bit sick of them(sorry personal vent) As a guest I would loe the idea. I've seen it a few different places but agree if having a sit down meal wouldn't really fit. Maybe during cocktail hour? Not sure on cost though

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It was something suggested as an option when we met with our caterer and were talking about our "menu wishlist" and I fell in love with the idea right away. We are doing a buffet though anyway (afternoon wedding, slightly less formal so buffet fit better than a plated meal) so it will just be part of the buffet in a way.

I can't help with how much it cost us since it is just included as one of our side dishes.

If you feel like it would be out of place with the plated dinner you could always use it as an appetizer during the cocktail hour. A little different but I certainly wouldn't turn it down as a guest!

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DH's niece had a "grit-tini" bar at her wedding (we're in the south). Same idea, but the grits were served in martini glasses. Very cute!

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We already have food for the cocktail hour but late night snack is a good idea! I was thinking more of just fries or something like that but maybe I'll have an all out potato extravaganza :)

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Floral terrace only charges $1.50 pp we are seriously considering adding it to cocktail hour our families split on decsion also
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