Maryland Venues (stuck!)
Any good recommendations for Maryland venues?
-Baltimore/Annapolis/D.C. metro
-Rental fee under 3k
-Outdoor ceremony (w/good rain option!) Note: ceremony & reception at same venue
-Historic mansions, gardens, non-traditional venues a plus (looking for more than 4 walls w/mirrors & fake flowers!)
-75 guests /-
-Flexibility on catering, ideal
-Ballroom/great room large enough for 80 for dinner (ideally wood, not carpet, for dancing)
-Additional spaces for cocktail hour, gifts, getting ready, etc. huge plus
FYI- we've looked at a a ton of places including: Rockwood Manor, Brookside Gardens, Seneca Creek, Waverly Mansion, Snow Hill Manor, Darnall's Chance House, Hebron House, The Elm, Maryland Historical Society, Celebrations on the Bay, The Other Barn, Kittamaqundi Community Church, Historic Oakland (my current fav!), and a bunch more online (Herrington on the Bay, Evergreen House, Glenview Mansion, Belmont Conference Center, Chase Court & the list goes on). Thx ;)

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Newton White Mansion (this is my venue) I received a extra discount because I am a county resident and I chose a friday. so I believe it came to 2700.

Then you have Oxon Hill Manor, Bel Air Mansion, Mt. Airy Mansion.

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Have you tried any country clubs or golf courses? Lake Presidential Golf Course in Upper Marlboro was on my list I never made it down that far because I feel in love with Newton Mansion

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Like erikatarrance my venue is also NWM!!!! It was the largest PG county facility available under has everything that you've listed above. The only catch is the catering part.....with all PG county facilites you have to book a licensed and & insured caterer...and they dont come cheap :(

Try this site:

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Thanks both of you. I have found this site (what a gem) and either visited or called most of the places. NWM isn't far from my parents house so I drove by a few weeks ago, beautiful. Looks a bit large for our small guest list (75ish). It's also a bit more than I wanted to spend for a Sat evening event- but reasonable. Mt. Airy Mansion looks VERY nice, but slightly more than I wanted to spend again and they only work with one exclusive caterer. I guess I assumed most country clubs/golf courses would be pricey (and lack some of the charm I'm looking for)- but I'll look around and see what's out there. Mrs P- I'm okay w/using a licensed caterer- but I'd just like to have my pick and not stick to an approved list. Thx!

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I got my caterer off the NWM approved list they were great and reasonable. They should have a few other smaller venues

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on that website

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Have you been to Overhills Mansion? Its in Catonsville which is close to Baltimore. I looked there and would have gone with them except my reception will have about 200 people and this place is more suited for a smaller wedding. And the people there are so friendly.

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Thanks Jamie. I did call Overhills and they're already all booked up for Saturdays in Sept & Oct 2010! Does look like a very nice place!

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WOW Jamie, even though I don't need it,LOL, I couldn't help but look,it sounds perfect for her! Angela, you should really check this out :)

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Darn...I will keep thinking.

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We had gone to look at this place called Running Hare Vineyard. It's in Prince Fredrick and was beautiful. I don't remember the price but it was just too far from us to be a realistic option. They had some awesome wines though so we didn't leave competely empty handed, lol.

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I fell in love with the in Bel Air. I didn't go with them, because I didn't like their time restrictions and they were too far up north. You can only use an approved caterers list they provide, but I found my caterer through that list.
Yeah, I didn't sell that one well, but the grounds and mansion are gorgeous. :)

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...just remembered, Oxon Hill Manor
The rental fee was 1200 $ when I asked last summer. If you, FH, the parents or grand-parents are Montgomery or Prince George County residents, you get a substantial discount.

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Thanks Noel! I have come across that place in Bel Air, but didn't do anything about it b/c it's also a bit north for us. But, looks beautiful and very reasonably priced!! Yeah, both rents are PG res- so that's a bonus in the discounts!

Amanda- Running Hare looks nice as well. I love the idea of a vineyard. I sent them an email for info.

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Out of curiosity... have any of you ever looked at Historic Oakland in Columbia or been to a wedding there? Any feedback?
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Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis puts on a great show. Shot a wedding there last year and it was beautiful. Some outdoor and indoor options.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation right on the Bay is very neat as well. Can see that from my parents house. :)

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I am getting Married at The Westin BWI, It's gorgeous! hAS an outdoor lawn area, and patio for your cocktail hour. The reception hall is modern and because the hotel industry is slow, you won't believe how little it cost. It's a must see!

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I am getting marry at Martins Crosswinds. They also have many facilty in the area you are looking for, but you may end up spending more than you wanted. Check them, but it includes everything. And some of them have it where you can get marry outside as well. You would be suprise of what is included and they are great to work with and experince.

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I didn't read every post on here but did you check out Kent Manor?

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we got engaged there and the food is amazing!
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