MARRIED women & her single friends
really people wats the deal ?? lol...when did making it down the isle become a competition?? and is there like a gray line rule that i forgot to goolge. why is it that once a female is married she automatically gets voted off the island by her single friends?. even the conversations becomes different. it goes from ooh girl lets go out for drinks ,to ooh girl havnt talk to u in months, hows the kids?? and y is it that there happy for u wen you tell them ur getting married but sad at ur wedding (who funeral is it lol). wats the deal??

Married: 07/17/2011
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Married: 07/17/2011
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OH NO!! I hope this does not happen with my friends, since I am one of the first to get married =(

Married: 07/17/2011
Jan 22, 2012 at 2:13 AM • Flag As Inappropriate happened to me, one friend stayed around and we get along great because we are both married

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Ugh girl! You're telling me. One of my friends who I went to college with and was best friends with, started becoming very distant towards me (and we already live states away) a few weeks after my fiance proposed. She's going to be a bridesmaid in the wedding, but I felt like she was being more debbie downer about me getting married and wasn't as happy for me as I assumed a friend would be. It makes me wonder if its a jealousy thing since she's in somewhat of an unstable relationship, or if its just the realization she wasn't the first one. Its sad really! You would think grown adults wouldn't act like that.

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I think thats going to happen to me

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I'm not even married yet and it has started happening. Its like they think because you are in an actual, commited realtionship, you can't hang out and stuff anymore.

Of course I will have different responsibilities and it will scale back some, but c'mon. I am still your friend! argh!

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LAME!!! I really hope this doesnt happen to me, but i have a feeling it will =[

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I can understand where your coming from Anastasia, except my best friend is trying to beat me down the isle. Before I got engaged we were super close and now she only text or call to compare how our planning is going! I hate it :(

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All my friends are in commited relationships so I'm glad I don't have to deal with that! My MOH is feeling the pressure FROM me, not the other way around. But it's not really my fault. She got engaged a year before I did, now that I'm married, shes really pushing her man to set a date lol

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That hasn't happened to me at all. I am the last one to get married and for all these years,we've all hung out, had fun, talked about everything from my dating to their kids. I would say that as they years have passed, we've all become closer. :)

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Girl this happened to me once the FH became serious, people changed! Oh well.. He is my only best friend and the only friend I need!

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Some people feel that once you are married the only friend you have is your spouse. I see that but from the other side. A had a couple of married friends and it was like my life issues was not serious because I didn't have a husband. They didn't want to hang out.
i feel that if you were friends before this life journey then you should be friends during and after. if not that tell me that you were a season friend. i don't need a season friend.

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This is all so true. I am the last of the bunch to get married and I have been left out of most functions because I wasn't married or would'nt understand.

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The first time around, I was married at 21. I felt so alone because I was the only one married and all my friends were out clubbing. At the time, and that was in 1982, I really didn't want to spend money clubbing. The budget was for our house. However, we have all managed to stay in touch all these 29 years later.

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That's the truth. One thing is life is you are on a different page from your friends so they can't relate to you. So you end up finding new friends that are married and understand you better. After you married you realize how your single friends act and that you are not the same person anymore. Just like if you are married with kids the people who have kids you can relate better than the married couple that doesn't. Most friends thinks once you are marriage than that is it. You can't hang out anymore etc. It's life and you can always meet new friends. I always say friends come and go.

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It's kind of sad but true. You start having less in common with your single friends and gravitate toward your friends that are couples.

It's like when my friends started getting married and having babies. All they would talk about is what the baby is doing. That is ok for like the first half hour but, I wanted to go out and party and travel. They had to get notice so they could find babysitters. Most times we couldn't hang out.

It's just the circle of life I guess...

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For the most part I didn't really have any problems. Most of us have been friends 10-15 years. Then again none of my friendships were based on party/drinking so even once they got married we still had plenty of ways to connect.

I will say once some of them started having children that was more of a adjustment. But once their kids hit the 2 year mark they were able to socialize more. Sometimes it's just a matter of being patient and giving people time to adjust to the new norm.
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