Married but never had a reception! Help!
We had a civil ceremony and thought we could have a reception later in the year after saving up some cash. Priorities changed and we decided to put all our savings into a buying a house. We now own a beautiful home but still have had no wedding celebrations! (Mind you, we also never had an engagement party). Its almost been year now and I'm starting to wonder if we did this all wrong, i.e. should have had a wedding instead of buying a house. I miss not having celebrated my marriage everytime I go to a friends wedding. I miss being a bride. We want to throw a big fancy housewarming party but can that replace what I'm missing? With my job, its not going to be possbile for me to even celebrate our 1st anniversary together.

Any ideas or suggestions on what I can do at this point are truly welcome.

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First of all Congrats on all the positive things that have come your way :)

I know what you mean about missing being a bride.... We have two kids, we have a place, but never had any party to celebrate our union... I def wanted to be a beautiful bride, dammit we deserve it!! lol

I hope everything works out for you... I don't know your financial situation, but I wouldn't give up on having a wedding celebration... as all rules have gone out the window... I don't think anyone would care that you had a civil ceremony and a year or two later after decided on a celebration...

Best o

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* Best of Luck

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I say that you should plan your reception and skip the house warming. Even if its intimate for 50ppl or less. You and your husband deserve a celebration :-). Besides, if you have a reception....the gifts you get can go towards your new home.

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2 birds one stone.. Loving it Diva!!

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I think you should just throw a celebration party for all the exciting things that have happened in your life (wedding and house all rolled into one). To be honest, having a reception at this point seems odd since generally you are no longer considered newlyweds at the year mark and it may seem just like an attempt to get gifts. If you are dead set on a wedding reception, maybe plan a vow renewal next year on your anniversary.

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Thank you both for the positive words! Finances have & are still the main concern though. I don't want to spend a whole lot and based on the research I did, we were easily going to need $30K on a 100 ppl wedding in a v. simple location. All our family members had over the top weddings (>$150K) & I can't allow myself to spend that kind of $$, nor do we have it. We also don't have our rents helping out, which are close relatives did when they got married. I am certainly not trying to compete with anyone but I can am also the type of person that can't ignore comments such as "i can't believe they didn't have an open bar" or "those center pieces aren't great". Given these facts, and because our house is new and are close family members have never seen it, I thought about doing a housewarming. Will it be tacky to have a celebration in our backyard? Where would I put up my close relatives since they would be flying from out of town? And what should I even call it? Wedding Reception?

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Totally get it Mandy :)

A Backyard affair would be just as nice :) if it's big enough you can even get a tent, or catered, rent tables, wear a beautiful white gown...x-nay on the ballgown lol... But definitely do-able, if you don't have space for your close relatives or other family members are not willing to help with accomadations, try finding the nearest hotels to your home and see if they give a discount if you were to reserve a block of rooms or something? If you can't pay for your relatives to stay over one night, give them the option... It's family :)

"Belated Wedding Reception"

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I'd just call it a housewarming. That will keep people from telling you all the things it "has" to have--like gorgeous centerpieces and an open bar. Instead, you could just have a nice informal backyard party without worrying about people's nasty comments.

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I think I like the idea. We would invite our close friends and family and have it catered as Bethenia suggested. We could also hire a bartender and a photographer, some servers maybe? Is the photogrpaher a bad idea? Or is this all starting to sound like a desparate attempt at having somewhat of a wedding reception?

And what about a cake? Perhaps cupcakes would be a better idea. I guess I'm trying to pull elements from a traditional wedding reception without actually having one. Please tell me if I'm being crazy and should just stick to a cozy housewarming party.

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No Mandy!! you deserve a party as much as the next person lol

I like 2d bride's idea.... I would just try incorporating both, making it casual but still having a wedding feel about it, have a nice ipod selection playing through out... Have a special friend be the designator of announcing the cherised first dance, you can have your toast, I love cupcake towers, it would look super cute in a backyard setting... you can get christmas lights or oriental lanterns to hang for that special night lighting

Photographer is not a bad idea!! you need pics lol... just I guess let them know of the casual setting and maybe they will give you a special price since it won't be for so many hours..... the possibilities are endless darling

I love weddings!! lol
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