Maroon and Blue good for wedding colors?

My fiance and I are not sure of our wedding colors for our wedding. Our theme is family as we have a newborn son. We want the reception to look nice. My original thought was to have some maroon lighting brought in and lighten the walls maroon while having the candles on the tables maroon. Groom's tux will have a maroon vest. While the brides maids will probably have blue dresses. The table linens have not yet been chosen, and the flowers have not been chosen yet either. Our wedding will be in September...Do you think our color scheme will come out ok? Any suggestions?

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I think it sounds like a perfectly nice combination of colors. It really depends too, what shade of blue are you invisioning? sky blue, or navy blue. I think if your set on maroon, go with a lighter electric blue. for summer. otherwise the two darks might become too dark. contrast along with light/bright and dark is always stunning. have fun! good luck.
My wedding is in April, 3 months away. i have my bridesmaids in long chiffon navy blue dresses. with bright pink flowers and accents. So we are kind of on the same page! truly, you know what you want. If the colors provide harmony, you'll know! ~christina

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Beautiful! I agree that this will be stunning - especially for a September wedding. You will probably love Black Magic roses for your theme. They are a stunning rose in a very dark red. You might be interested in adding dark blue bella donna delphinium for an accent flower and keep your floral decor very simple and dramatic. Whatever you decide on your flowers, we sell Black Magic roses if you have trouble finding them. Good luck with all of your planning.
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